Dr CHAN Kit Wa Anita

Investigating Hong Kong Students' Aspirations for the Future

Project Year: 2020 - 2021

Funding Source: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme

Project Team Member: Dr CHAN Kit Wa Anita

In recent months, school students have organized school strikes, class boycotts, human protest chains, joined front-line protests, been arrested (30% under 18 years) and shot (2 students; 14 & 18 years), with more than 300 school students involved in the PolyU siege. For other students, the protests disrupted their schooling and their relationships with family, peers and teachers. The longer-term impact on their aspirations, futures and sense of belonging/connectedness to Hong Kong is unknown.This project seeks to map Hong Kong adolescents’ (15-18 years) aspirations and views on the resources/capital needed to achieve their aspirations for the future, and how Hong Kong schools and society can help.