Prospective Students

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Global and Hong Kong Studies (Senior Year Entry only)

The programme’s curriculum structure is currently under review and is subject to confirmation.

Programme Aims

The objectives of the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Global and Hong Kong Studies programme are:

  1. to develop multidisciplinary perspectives for students to comprehend the transformations and development of Hong Kong and the world;
  2. to train students to have a thorough understanding of Global Studies, Hong Kong Studies and the interface between Global and Hong Kong Studies;
  3. to nurture students to become responsible and participatory citizens in multiple communities; and
  4. to achieve complementarity, synergy and cross-fertilization with the education-focused programmes.
Programme Features

Students enrolled in the programme will be required to take major courses come from the three academic pillars: (1) Global Studies; (2) Hong Kong Studies; (3) the interface between Hong Kong and the World. (See Figure 1). Global Studies emphasize the disciplinary training in political science; Hong Kong Studies cover the courses in cultural studies, political science and sociology; and the Hong Kong/Global interface encourages students to adopt multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives to understand Hong Kong and its complex interactions with China, the regional and the global spheres.

On successful completion of the programme, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • PILO1: in-depth knowledge and training in the study of Hong Kong, the world, and their interface from multidisciplinary perspectives, including history, language, arts, music, education, sociology, political science, philosophy, law, and economics.
  • PILO2: thorough understanding and critical thinking of the dynamics of social, political, economic, cultural and historical transformations of the world and Hong Kong.
  • PILO3: the ability to contribute to the global society, Hong Kong and China by utilizing their knowledge, skills and expertise.
  • PILO4: the ability to examine Hong Kong as an interface between the East and West and analyze its complex evolution within the context of China’s rapid rise and global transformations.
  • PILO5: the respect for values, such as diversity, rationality, rule of law and human rights.
Programme Structure (for Senior Year Entrants)
Domain Components Credit Points (cps)
Major Major Core 24
Major Electives 6
Major Interdisciplinary Course 3
Honours Project I : Research Methods / Capstone Project I 3
Honours Project II  / Capstone Project II 3
Electives / Minor Electives / Minor 15
Common Core University ePortfolio 3
General Education (GE) 
Experiential Learning / GE Breadth Course
Total:   60

Note: Classes will be held in Tai Po Campus and Tseung Kwan O Study Centre / Kowloon Tong Satellite Study Centre / Sports Centre as decided by the University.

Major Studies

In order to enhance the depth and breadth of students’ knowledge in Hong Kong and global studies, the major courses are grouped together into four main clusters. They are: (1) political/legal cluster, (2) social/cultural cluster, (3) economic/sustainability cluster, and (4) educational cluster. Students who are admitted to Year 3 of the programme will have to take 11 major courses, including the three core courses: namely “Foundations of Hong Kong Studies”, “Positioning the Unique Identity of Hong Kong in Global History”, and “Globalization: Concepts and Debates”. Students enrolled in the programme will have a solid training and knowledge in the three pillars of Global and Hong Kong Studies.

List of Major Courses (All required)

No. Level MOI* Course Title
Hong Kong Studies
1 2 E Foundations of Hong Kong Studies
2 3 E Values Pluralism and Cultural Diversity in Hong Kong#
3 3 C Literature in Hong Kong#
4 3 E Politics, Public Administration and Policies in Hong Kong
Global Studies
5 2 E Globalization: Concepts and Debates
6 3 E Global Political Economy
7 4 E The Sustainable Development Goals and Education
8 3 E Transnational Migration and Development in Global Cities#
9 3 E Global Environmental Governance#
Hong Kong and the Global World
10 1 E Approaching Global Hong Kong Studies
11 2 E Positioning the Unique Identity of Hong Kong in Global History
12 3 E Citizenship Education: Implications for Global and Hong Kong Studies#
13 4 E HK's Policing in Response to Global & Cross-border Crime
14 4 E Hong Kong and the Global Economy
Honours Project / Capstone Project
15 4 E Honours Project I : Research Methods / Capstone Project I
16 4 E Honours Project II / Capstone Project II

#Student may take any two from five major elective courses

*MOI: Medium of Instruction 
E:English C:Chinese

Electives and Minor

Outside the Major, students are free to choose elective courses offered by any of the University’s departments. They have the option of taking a Minor of 15 cps of taught courses in the Elective domain for graduation with a Minor, subject to specific requirements of the Minor(s).

General Education

Students can choose from a wide selection of General Education (GE) courses to enhance their whole person development.

GE Experiential Learning Course

Students may choose a GE Experiential Learning course which encourages students to learn through experimentation, observation, reflection and (re-) conceptualization while undertaking a wide variety of activities, such as creative work, field studies, projects, thematic overseas trips, outward-bound training etc. These courses enrich students’ learning experiences and skills through learning, thinking and reflecting on practice, in practice and for practice, while exposing them to authentic and real-life contexts.

University ePortfolio

Students will take a 3-cp course at Consolidation Level to complete their University ePortfolios normally before the final year.  Based on their on-going evidence-based reflections on learning during the study, students are required to complete the construction of their University ePortfolios that are made up of the artifacts and evidence derived from a wide variety of learning.  It provides an intellectual platform for students to synthesize their learning experiences garnered from the academic journey at the EdUHK by critically reflecting on the values and significance of what they have learned, making connections to their lives, and charting or imagining their own future.

Medium of Instruction

The programme will mainly be conducted in English. Most of the Major courses will be taught in English. For some non-Major courses, Cantonese or Putonghua may be adopted as the medium of instruction when the language is considered to be the most effective for teaching.

Career Prospects/Professional Qualifications

Graduates from this programme will be highly competitive. They will be able to apply for jobs in the Hong Kong Government, non-governmental organizations, public corporations and utilities, statutory bodies, the mass media and also other private-sector companies. Students will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise to pursue further studies at the master level, including China Studies, Cultural Studies and specifically social sciences disciplines such as political science and sociology.

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Programme Code
Full Time
4 years
Programme Info
Programme Leader
Dr. Pan Suyan

Course Outlines

Global and Hong Kong Studies (including Global and Hong Kong Studies major and Hong Kong Studies Minor)

Domain Course Title Course Code & Outline
Foundation Course
Compulsory Foundation of Hong Kong Studies (will NOT be offered from 2020/21)/
Foundations of Hong Kong Studies (will be offered from 2020/21
SSC1231 / SSC2231
Hong Kong Studies


The Rule of Law and Hong Kong Legal System (offered by EPL) GEG1021
Cantonese and Hong Kong Local Culture (offered by CHL)


CHI2702 will be revised to CHI3712 from 201801

Hong Konger: Art & Music (offered by CCA) CAC2010
Social & Geographical Changes in Hong Kong SSC3229
Values Pluralism and Cultural Diversity in Hong Kong SSC3234
Literature in Hong Kong (offered by LCS) LIT3014
Politics, Public Administration and Policies in Hong Kong SSC3232
Global Studies
Globalization: Concepts and Debates SSC2149
Global Political Economy SSC3212
Globalization and Education (offered by IELL) PFS2016
Transnational Migration and Development in Global Cities SSC3143
Global Environmental Governance SSC3104
Hong Kong and the World
Approaching Global Hong Kong Studies SSC1277
Positioning the Unique Identity of Hong Kong in Global History* SSC2233
International Perspectives on Education in Hong Kong (offered by IELL) PFS2014
Citizenship Education: Implications for Global & Hong Kong Studies SSC3230
HK’s Policing in Response to Global & Cross-border Crime SSC4218
Hong Kong and the Global Economy SSC4215

Any aspect of the course (including, without limitation, the content of the Course and the manner in which the Course is taught) may be subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the University. Without limiting the right of the University to amend the course, it is envisaged that changes may be required due to factors such as staffing, enrolment levels, logistical arrangements and curriculum changes.


Admission Enquiries

Tel: (852) 2948 6886

Programme Enquiries

Dr. Pan Suyan
Tel: (852) 2948 8616 / (852) 2948 7707 (Ms Lee)