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The Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Geography) [BEd(GEOG)] programme aims at developing students with the knowledge and understanding of:

  1. how natural environment influences human activities and vice versa;
  2. the changing development of geographical phenomena and issues in terms of space and time;
  3. the characteristics and functioning of major natural environments, through the analysis of the transformations of and interactions within them;
  4. the characteristics and development of major human activities in different geographical regions, and
  5. the geographical issues arising from people-environment interactions and the human responses to such issues, as well as the implications of these human responses for resource management and governance.

On successful completion of the programme, students will be able to:

PILO1: demonstrate a solid understanding and command of geographical concepts and theories and apply the knowledge to solve geographical problems in the local, regional and global contexts with complex human-physical interface;
PILO2: develop learning capability to be a competent and effective learner and teacher in a dynamic and an ever-changing society;
PILO3: apply critical thinking to analyze the geographical and environmental issues that address the relationship among land, nature and people in the physical and human environments;
PILO4: demonstrate the pedagogical literacy and competency required for the development and implementation of curriculum in secondary schools; and
PILO5: develop essential abilities to plan, execute, report on field work and geographical research with the skills of data analysis, Geographic Information System, remote sensing and field studies.

BEd(GEOG) students are required to complete 39 credit points of major courses and 6 credit points of pedagogy courses related to geographical education. There are altogether 13 Geography Major Courses with two Pedagogy courses in Geographical Education, which will cover three compulsory parts, namely “Living with our Physical Environment”; “Facing Changes in the Human Environment”; “Confronting Global Challenges” and four elective parts namely “Dynamic Earth: The Building of Hong Kong”; “Weather and Climate”; “Transport Development, Planning and Management”; “Regional Study of Zhujiang (Pearl River) Delta” of the HKDSE Geography Curriculum. The list of the courses is delineated below:


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Programme Info
Subject Coordinator
Dr PEI Qing

Course Outline


  Course Title Course Code & Outline
Major courses for BEd(GEOG) Foundation of Physical Geography# GGP1001
Understanding Cultural and Human Geography# GGP1002
Spatial Data Analysis and GIS# GGP1003
Spatial Data Analysis and GIS#
*From 2019-2020 cohort and onwards
Globalizing China: The People and Development# GGP1004
Globalizing China: The People and Development#
*From 2019-2020 cohort and onwards
Global Environmental Issues# GGP2005
Global Environmental Issues#
*From 2019-2020 cohort and onwards
Conservation and Management of Natural Resources# GGP2006
Conservation and Management of Natural Resources#
*From 2019-2020 cohort and onwards
Transnational Migration and Development in Global Cities# SSC3143
Natural Hazards# GGP3007
Natural Hazards#
*From 2019-2020 cohort and onwards
Climate Change and Global Warming# GGP3008
Economic Geography# GGP3009
Geomorphology and Hydrology# GGP4010
Urbanization and Transportation: Theory and Policy# GGP4011
Tourism and Sustainability# GGP4012
Pedagogy courses for BEd(GEOG) Field Methods and Teaching in Geography GGP2013
Field Methods and Teaching in Geography
*From 2019-2020 cohort and onwards
Pedagogy in Geographical Education GGP3014

#To take Geography as Second Major, students can choose any 10 courses.

Any aspect of the course and course offerings (including, without limitation, the content of the Course and the manner in which the Course is taught) may be subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the University. Without limiting the right of the University to amend the course and its course offerings, it is envisaged that changes may be required due to factors such as staffing, enrolment levels, logistical arrangements and curriculum changes.


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