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The Resources Management minor covers diversified aspects in relation to conservation and management of various resources, sustainable development, urbanization, globalization and GIS skills. Courses pertinent to physical and cultural resources planning and management can enhance students’ understanding of the problems associated with the use or misuse of our resources and current management practices of resources conservation. Other courses examine the essential concepts and practices of globalization, urbanization and sustainable development.

Students who adopt the Resources Management minor will be equipped with the essential knowledge of both physical and cultural resources conservation and management. They will not only be interested in pursuing their further studies in the field of geography or environmental studies, but will also develop their career in the fields related to resources management, including job opportunities in the Environmental Protection Department, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation, green NGOs and environmental consultancies.

Adopting Resource Management as a minor, students are required to complete five courses in which two courses should be at the elementary level (Level 1 & 2) and three courses at the advanced level (Level 3 & 4).  There are altogether 4 and 5 elementary and advanced courses respectively for their choices.


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Dr PEI Qing

Course Outline
  Course Title Course Code & Outline
Resources Management Minor Students should choose 1-2 courses out of the following 3 courses
Spatial Data Analysis and GIS 
*Will not be offered from 2019-20
Spatial Data Analysis and GIS
*From 2019-20 cohort and onwards
Understanding Cities GEH1019/SSC1237
Globalization: Concepts and Debates SSC2149
Students should choose 3-4 courses out of the following courses
Protected Areas Planning and Management GGP3017
Principles and Practice of Ecotourism GGP3018
Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management GGP3019
Social and Geographical Changes in Hong Kong SSC3229
Sustainable Development and Policy SSC4140
Urbanization in China: Policy and Governance
* Will not be offered from 2019-20.

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