Message from Head

Welcome to the Department of Social Sciences at the Education University of Hong Kong.

Our unique identity is formed from the embeddedness of social sciences within an Education University located in and serving Hong Kong, itself embedded within Chinese and global contexts. We are a team of academic staff with backgrounds and research engagement in sociology, geography, political science, business studies, education, and interdisciplinary social science, with a range of research expertise in issues ranging from individual citizenship identity to global climate change. .

Our department is dedicated to helping to fulfill the Education University’s mission in and commitment to educational development through teacher education, with traditional social science disciplines positioned as complementary to this endeavor. We play a key role in education-focused undergraduate and postgraduate teacher education programmes through our efforts in developing students’ subject knowledge for the school subjects of Liberal Studies, Geography, General Studies, and Business Studies, as well as contributing to building the knowledge and appreciation of social, political, and environmental contexts for students of all education-related majors. At the same time, our standalone social science programmes build on our disciplinary and interdisciplinary expertise to prepare graduates for diverse career pathways for which critical thinking skills and dispositions are a requirement.

Because of our mission to support education development through preparation of teachers for Hong Kong schools, we have a strong regional focus on Hong Kong in terms of our research and teaching. But at the same time we see Hong Kong as inextricably integrated within Chinese and global contexts, and our research takes place in and draws upon data from Hong Kong, Mainland China, and other Asian societies.

Whether you are a prospective student interested in our academic programmes or a researcher or member of the community seeking insight from our academic staff on issues of our research expertise, we welcome you to explore our website and contact us directly for further information.

Dr. Greg Fairbrother

Head, Department of Social Sciences