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Religious Education in Schools: A Study of Three Primary Schools in Hong Kong


To create a peaceful pluralistic society, many societies have been undergoing great changes in accommodating their cultural and religious diversities. Recent western studies on Religious Education (RE) focus on the investigation of classroom teaching, exploring the teaching approaches in RE in the multi-religious context. This seminar will share an empirical case study carried out in Hong Kong. The paper aims at exploring the religious schools’ RE curriculum, the real teaching practice and the RE teachers’ perceptions of teaching values in RE lessons. The paper argues that the pedagogical model for human development in RE provides opportunities for the students to reflect on their own life, linking up with religion, morality and life. It benefits the growth and development of all students who are from different religions and secular backgrounds.


Dr WONG Mei Yee May
Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences, The Education University of Hong Kong.

Prior to joining the Institute, May Wong engaged in different capacities in the field of education in Hong Kong, including teaching, curriculum development, design of learning materials, provision of school support services and teacher professional development programmes. She is currently engaged in research projects on power relations, curriculum and teaching, moral and values education.