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Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development in China: Hong Kong in Global Context

Drawing on practices and theories of sustainability, Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development in China explores the prospects for achieving environmentally benign economic and social development in China. Using the Asian ‘world city’ of Hong Kong as a backdrop and case study, it introduces major conceptions of sustainability, describes historical and political contexts for environmental policymaking, and analyses key challenges related to sustainable development, including air pollution, water quality, waste, transport and climate change.

The book will be a valuable and unique resource for students, teachers and readers interested in environmental policy, sustainable development and ecological governance, especially in China and Hong Kong. Professor HARRIS will introduce the book’s main aims and content, and use the opportunity to informally discuss with the audience the prospects for environmentally sustainable development in Hong Kong.

Paul G. HARRIS is Senior Centre Research Fellow of CGC, and Chair Professor of Global and Environmental Studies of SSC, EdUHK.