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Corporate Insolvency in Transitional Economies: the Cases of China and Russia


Corporate insolvency has been an ever-growing topical issue to both developed and developing economies and has long been considered as one of the key indicators for measuring the performance of an economy. Corporate insolvency carries a particular significance in the post-socialist economy where market force gains primacy and credit industry has been taking its shape. This seminar surveys the legal development of corporate insolvency regimes in China and Russia, their mechanisms for facilitating the exit of ailing market participants, and their capacity to limit the impact on economic integrity arising from multiple defaults of credit.


Dennis Hui is a lecturer of the Dept. of Social Science starting from September 2011. His PhD dissertation compares and contrasts the development of public health governance in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. His current research interests include (i) political economy of corporate insolvency (ii) crisis management and local governance, and (iii) urban development in Central Asia.