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SSC organized Conference to explore the current development and challenges in China’s accounting and financing

Department of Social Sciences, The Education University of Hong Kong organized Pacific Accounting Review (PAR) Special Issue Conference on December 17, 2022. The Special Issue Conference was held online and themed "the ever-changing of China's accounting and finance”. The Conference attracted over six hundred participants, with 35 attending online and more than 600 attending the live-streamed sessions.

Dr. Tan Weiqiang, Associate Professor at the Department of Social Sciences and the Programme Leader of the Master of Arts in Personal Finance Education, was the chair of the Conference Organization Committee and a guest editor for this conference's Special Issue. Professor Luo Zuo from Cornell University was the Keynote speaker and delivered an insightful presentation titled “Behavioral Economics of Accounting: Evidence from China”, which summarizes a new stream of hot and cross-disciplinary research topics in Chinese accounting research.

During the one-day conference, eighteen scholars from Australia, Mainland China, Macau S.A.R., and New Zealand acted as the presenters and the discussants, sharing their research outcomes on the issues regarding accounting, auditing, financial instruments, Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) and finance education in the context of the ever-changing China.

Welcoming the scholars and the participating audience, President Professor Cheung Yan Leung Stephen addressed the University’s roles as a regional leader in teacher education and the Education-plus approach as the University’s development initiative. He also reviewed the University’s achievements in enhancing business and finance education in the recent years, including launching “Facts and Figures Generation” Platform to develop financial literacy among the local youngster in 2021 and commencing the first ever Master of Arts in Personal Finance Education (MAPFE) programme in Hong Kong in September 2021. The MAPFE Programme aims to cultivate professional educators in personal finance and financial literacy who are eligible to transfer financial knowledge into different sectors for the community.

The Conference included the Award Presentation as a closing session. Professor Cheung Tsan Yin Peter, Head of the Department of Social Sciences, announced the “Best Discussant” Awards. Professor Li Wai Keung, Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, delivered the closing remarks and announced the “Best Paper” Award.

Pacific Accounting Review is a quarterly academic journal publishing original research papers and book reviews. It specifies in the empirical and theoretical research into current developments in accounting and finance, emphasizing the research from and related to the Pacific region.

List of the Awardees

“Best Discussant” Award

Dr. LUO Le Laura (Macquarie University)

Dr. George SHAN (the University of Western Australia)

“Best Paper” Award

Stock Price Crashes in China: An Artificial Neural Network Approach

Author: Dr Le Wang (Lincoln University), Dr. Liping Zou and Dr. Ji Wu (Massey University)


President Professor Cheung Yan Leung Stephen delivered the welcoming speech.

Professor Luo ZUO delivered the keynote presentation.

The virtual group photo of conference participants.

Professor Li Wai Keung announced the “Best Paper” Award to the Awardees Dr Le WANG, Associate Professor Liping ZOU and Associate Professor Ji WU (Authors of “Stock Price Crashes in China: An Artificial Neural Network Approach”).

Professor Cheung Tsan Yin Peter announced the “Best Discussant” Award to the Awardee Associate Professor George SHAN.

Professor Cheung Tsan Yin Peter announced the “Best Discussant” Award to the Awardee Dr Le Laura LUO.