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Congratulations to the MA(PFE) team which won the Bronze Award of the Personal Finance Ambassador Programme 2021/22

Four MA(PFE) students (Xiao Shiqi, Chen Weiwei, Liu Yutong, Ou Shiteng) formed the team “Budget BOX” and won the Bronze Award of the Personal Finance Ambassador Programme 2021/22 on January 15, 2022. The Personal Finance Ambassador Programme 2021/22 was co-organised by HKEX Foundation Limited, Investor and Financial Education Council, and St James’ Settlement.

Under the theme of “Digital Personal Finance”, 14 teams from the local tertiary institutions were shortlisted and trained as Personal Finance Ambassadors to develop on-campus financial education project. Six teams were selected to compete for awards at the Presentation and Award Ceremony.

Budget BOX, as the Personal Finance Ambassador, conducted both online (Instagram posts, WhatsApp group activities and game websites) and offline campaigns (booths and workshops) to boost the knowledge on Digital Personal Finance among EdUHK students. The campaigns have involved over 350 students of EdUHK and over 60 students participated in the workshop lecture on “University Students' Money Management in the big data era”.

Some students of EdUHK get to know their own personal financial status, risk tolerance and produce their personal financial wellness proposal under the guidance of Budget BOX.

MA(PFE) students will continue to organise the workshops on personal finance in the further days.

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