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Congratulations to Tree Assessment for Life Education Project on winning the Gold Medal in iCAN 2021!

2021 International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN)

Prof John Lee Chi-kin
Prof Jim Chi-yung
Dr Alice Chow Sin-yin
Other members of the TALE project team

Title of Invention/Project:    
Tree Assessment for Life Education (TALE) Project

Abstract of Invention:
Integrating life education and Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) into a mobile application named “Tree Portal”, this invention is a technology-assisted educational tool intending to equip citizens with botanical and ecological knowledge, and raise environmental awareness on urban tree preservation. The app introduces and provides a systematic framework of 100 visible symptoms of tree-growth issues, depicted graphically as the discernible body language of trees. Users are then trained to assess trees’ health with the VTA technique. Well integrated with life education activities at schools, this invention cultivates users’ appreciation of life and the intimate connection with nature through an environmental perspective of life education.

Gold Medal, Special Award

Official Website of the TALE Project: