Hall Application, 2020/21

Important Information for Hall Admission, 2020/21

Guidelines on Application for Student Accommodations 2020/21

Hall Application 2020/21 (PowerPoint Slides)(8 April 2020)

-   Hall Fees for 2020/21 (Subject to confirm)  
    (Information about hostel subsidy for needy undergraduate students:
      please refer to: 

-   Hall Fee Payment Methods

-  Hall Application Period 2020/21

Point System for Hall Admission 2020/21 

-  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

- iHostel User Guide (for Non RPG Students)

- iHostel User Guide (for RPG Students) 

Briefing Sessions and Demonstration of iHostel Application for Students

-  Briefing Sessions video - Information & Schedule for iHostel Application

-  Briefing Sessions video - Demonstration of iHostel Application

-  Briefing Sessions video - Hostel Fee Adjustment in 2020/21


2020/21 Round 1 (Main) cut-off points for FT UG students (non-voucher holders only) (as of 12 May 2020)

* N.A. refers to no offer made or no such room type.