Discretionary Hall Places

Application for discretionary hall places 2019/20 was opened to all full-time EdUHK students who have special reason(s) for on-campus accommodation from 24 April to 20 August 2019. The application deadline has been extended to 22 August 2019, 23:59 due to change in normal round hall places announcement schedule. Applicants can only apply for discretionary hall place to Dean of Students or a Warden. 

Consideration for discretionary hall places would be made with reference, but not limit to:

  • Dean of Students’ Discretion:
    Family/ health issue, contribution to the University, or other special reasons which cannot be reflected from Point System.

  • Wardens’ Discretion:
    Hall contribution and/or hall related roles.

Application should be made by duly completing the online application form and submitting related supporting documents. 

Important Notes:

  1. Once applicant is OFFERED a hall place in any round of hall application in 2019/20, his/her application for discretionary hall place 2019/20 will be terminated automatically without further notice. In the event that he/she applied for a whole year hall place through iHostel and being OFFERED a semester hall place, his/her application for discretionary hall place 2019/20 may be considered for the alternate semester.
  2. Applications which are incomplete, and/or without supporting document, will NOT be considered.
  3.  Late submission or application submitted through other means will NOT be accepted.
  4. The application, once submitted, cannot be changed or modified. In the event of repeated submission, only the latest submission will be processed
  5. All data collected will be used for application for discretionary hall place 2019/20 only.

The application result will be announced in early September 2019.

For enquiries, please contact Hall Management Section at 2948 6868 or shostel@eduhk.hk