Hall Policy

The EdUHK accords high importance to hall life education and regards this as an integral part of university study.  All first year full-time students on a UGC-funded undergraduate programme would be offered guaranteed hall residency for 2 semesters, one of which to be taken up during the first year of study.  Full-time research postgraduate students (RPgs) and incoming exchange students with guaranteed hall place will have higher priority for allocation by randomized sequence of student lists.  Remaining hall places will be allocated to UGC-funded full-time undergraduate students and other UGC-funded full-time students according to the Hall Point System.



For the non-local  postgraduate students on self-funded programme who are not eligible for hall places, they can apply for the “temporary student bed places (TSBP)” managed by the Estates Office (EO) (email: tsbp1920@eduhk.hk; Tel: (852) 2948 8822).