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“Introducing the Good Shepherd Project” by Dr Kean Poon


In the articles published in Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET), Dr Kean Poon, Associate Head and Assistant Professor of the Department of Special Education and Counselling, shared her ideas on why she wanted to conduct the Good Shepherd Project. One of the SEN tutors also talked about her experiences tutoring primary school students with special educational needs. This similar service project will be expanded to local secondary school students from low-income families with suspected or confirmed mental illness in the next academic year. It is hoped that the service project will become self-sustainable in the long term.

Click the links below for further details (available in Chinese only):

【好牧人計劃】助基層SEN小學生補習避免「走迷」 招募8大生特訓冀變自負盈虧配對平台

【好牧人計劃】家長反映導師有心機教 ADHD兒子做功課更專心

補習服務擬拓至精神精緒問題中學生 分享DSE經歷盼成良師益友


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