English Language Enhancement Programme for Kindergarten Teachers

For Kindergarten Teachers

Programme Objectives
  • enhancing KG teachers’ understanding of early English language and literacy development/learning of young children;
  • boosting the confidence and competence of KG teachers in pedagogies of exposing young children to English in integrated/thematic approach; and
  • enhancing KG teachers’ English language proficiency and equipping them with essential English language skills for conducting English language activities in class.
Programme Content 
This is a 40-hour programme with topics on
  • Understanding English language and literacy development in early childhood education, and teacher knowledge of English language
  • Theories and techniques on second language acquisition for young children, and application in designing teaching materials and activities
  • Multi-sensory activities in learning English 
  • Oral language competence, listening comprehension and vocabulary knowledge
  • Emergent English literacy skills in early years
  • Using multimedia resources in kindergarten English language classroom
  • Design and assess English learning for kindergarten children for a whole year 
Programme Features
  • A blended mode of teaching including lectures, tutorials, workshops, micro-teaching and reflection
  • Tutorial classes to help ensure quality teacher-participant interactions, and each participant will have adequate time for teaching practice and feedback from the instructor. 

Assessment Plan

All the assessments are accumulative and completed during the training sessions.

  • In-class assessment (40%) 
  • Teaching portfolio (30%)
  • Reflective journal (30%) 
Programme Teaching Staff
Programme Leader and Lecturer: 
Dr. ZHOU Yanling
Assistant Professor
Department of Early Childhood Education
The Education University of Hong Kong
   Dr. Zhou is an experienced researcher and teacher educator for early year language and literacy development.
   Experienced practitioners of early years L2 English teaching
Attendance Certificate 
Participants who have successfully completed the programme with 80% attendance will be awarded with a certificate by the Education University of Hong Kong. 
Programme Fee
The programme is sponsored by the Language Fund. Participants are not required to pay programme fee.  

Remarks:  The Education University of Hong Kong reserves the right to make alterations to programme content (including class arrangements) or to cancel any programme/class without prior notice. Detailed course information will be provided to participants upon registration.