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Leadership Development
Effective Leader Course

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Are you interested in being a leader? Possessing excellent leadership skills can effectively direct your team towards success. It also enables you to work with diverse groups of people. Through interactive workshops, discussions, and sharings, you can identify your leadership characteristics and utilise your communication skills to achieve better performance.


What you will gain

  • leaders’ foundation skills
  • in-depth self understanding



  • Goal setting
  • Personality Dimensions® Linkage between Self-Awareness and Interpersonal Relationship
  • Effective communication
  • Time management
  • Programme planning
  • Effective presentation
  • Handling conflicts with confidence
  • Making good decisions – What and how?


Activity time

Semester I : 10, 17, 24 Sept 2020

                      8, 15, 22  Oct  2020

Semester II: Jan – Feb 2021


Words from previous students

  • The workshop enabled me to think creatively and associate ideas. (Workshop: Creative thinking)
  • Understanding myself and others’ characters could  facilitate a better interpersonal relationship.  (Workshop: Personality Dimensions® Linkage between Self-awareness and Interpersonal Relationship)
  • This workshop boosted my confidence in handling conflicts and accepting challenges. (Workshop: Handling conflicts with confidence)
  • It became a habit for me to think twice before making any decisions. (Workshop: Making good decisions – What and how?)