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The company I worked in is called “German Industry and Commerce Greater China". During the time, my job tasks were mainly assisting company research projects and translating documents from Chinese to English.

Previously, all of the internships I’ve accomplished were education-related or school-based. I had never tried to work in an office before or I didn’t have any chance to apply for a job like this one. But after working in German Industry and Commerce, I realized it was also quite interesting when assisting company to do their projects and to interact with clients. After involving myself in this company, I realized that there are some other kinds of jobs that I could do and I could also join special training (e.g. finance) in the future.

Through the internship, I’ve trained my German language skill and English language skill, I realized that I could also become a translator from German to Cantonese or German to Mandarin. In addition, I gained lots of knowledge about the industrial relationship between German companies and Chinese companies. I also realized that under the circumstance of internationalization, more and more German companies would like to make investment in China and with Chinese companies.