Home > Highlights > Career Development Internship Programme 2018 (Overseas): Yip Hiu Nam, BA(Lang Studies), Internship with the Institute for Economic Education (IÖB) in Oldenburg, Germany

During my internship my main task was to prepare 3 presentations on Hong Kong culture, the Hong Kong education system and on possible collaboration between EdUHK and IÖB for the colleagues at the Institute. I also worked as an Economic laboratory helper for a researcher testing adaptations of teaching strategies in Economic education. I was also lucky enough to visit local German primary and secondary schools and gain exposure to their pedagogical approaches and strategies.

This internship has helped me reflect on my position as a student, as a professional and as a community member. I have learned that it is important to not only listen to others, but also to ask the right questions. From observing my supervisor I was able to recognize that asking questions can help us better understand others’ ideas, persuade others and can facilitate group brainstorming. This internship has helped me develop active listening skills and my ability to work in a team. Furthermore I have seen firsthand the importance of developing a high level of cultural awareness towards people of other backgrounds. In this era close collaboration and communication across borders is expected and development of my own cultural competence is crucial.