Home > Highlights > Career Development Internship Programme 2017 (Overseas): Lo Weng-tat, BA(Language Studies) & BEd(EL), London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA)

This job required me to be a ‘multitasker’ in the London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA). I was put into event team, public relation team and office team. My job tasks ranging from translating notices of Chinatown’s issues, write, design and publish ““2017 London Chinatown Newsletter”, providing assistance to the backstage of “2017 Beijing WaterCube Singing Competition – UK Region”, worked as a main coordinator for “The Poon Choi Lunch for the celebration of 20th anniversary of the establishment of HKSAR” to contacted and communicated with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office – London on a regular basis, etc.

The use of trilingual ability embarked as one of my unforgettable memories.Needless to say, I had to use English to talk to others in London. I was working in Chinatown facing people from different parts in China, I needed to use my trilingual ability. Also, as an English major and a future English language educator, I had got a chance to translate English to Chinese (or vice versa). It helped me a lot in the sense of bilingual skills. Sometimes I may not understand some of the words used (or some common expressions used by local Londoners which I didn’t know), I had got a chance to learn it. My English had been significantly improved because I was in a native-language environment. It enabled me to chat with native English speakers. Moreover, the confidence and brave I gained will be the life-long skills which enabled me to work actively in all sectors.

After the completion of the internship, I realized that being a student is really great because the society is cruel. I may need to accept or tolerant many unfairness and discriminations (for example, race and gender). I need to cherish the 5-year undergraduate time here – to absorb as much as knowledge as possible. This will help me to be a knowledgeable and experienced employee in the future.

Moreover, I have witnessed many social injustice and homeless people during my internship experience. There were always a lot of people complaining about the society, parties etc. I know, as a global citizen, or as a student/people of Hong Kong and Macau, I need to help the people who are in need. Some people may need care and help from us. If we can show a hand to them, they will really be much appreciated. This is what a good citizen should be.