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Career Development Internship Programme 2020 (CDIP)

Details of CDIP 2020 (Overseas)   



CDIP 2020 (ASEAN Module)


ASEAN module is one of the modules under Career Development Internship Programme (CDIP), in which internship locations are ASEAN member countries, i.e. Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, and the Philippines, in collaboration with Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Singapore)/ (Jakarta).

Placement Nature/ Organizations
The opportunities are in diversified industries, including:
–         Public Organizations/ Government-related agency
–         Media/ Marketing/ Public Relations
–         Regional Organization
–         Education/ Training
–         Aviation/ Transportation/ Logistics
–         Hospitality/ Tourism
–         Technology
–         Entertainment
–         Property/ Real Estates
–         Research

Some placements will be in large/ renowned corporates (with past reference) such as:
–         Hong Kong Economic Trade Office
–         Hong Kong Tourism Board
–         Hong Kong Trade Development Council
–         C&H Properties
–         National University of Singapore

For job details (30+ host organizations), please refer to the intranet posting.

Target Students
Full time UG and PG students

Placement Period
Mid June – August 2020 (depends on individual requirements of host organization)

The application is SEPARATED from that of CDIP 2020 (Overseas/ Greater China Region/ Europe ETO).

• Fill in the online form at https://eduhk.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_79e59OuINqpptQh by 23:59 on 27 Feb 2020, Thursday

• You may choose up to 6 internship opportunities in the online form

• An English CV and two short passages are required on the online form (applicants with CV NOT up-to-standard will NOT be nominated)

• To increase your chance to be nominated, please review your CV after watching the video about CV writing at http://ess360.ied.edu.hk:8080/ess/echo/presentation/d00da803-8a2b-4641-a5de-b3c6ed80cf9a before submission (you may need flash player to play this video)

(For this application, you only need to submit the online application form including your English CV. Please ignore the last part in the video about application letter.)


Items Date
Application Deadline 27 Feb 2020 (Thursday)
Selection Interview Only required for certain openings (TBC)
Job Matching and Nominations by SAO March – April 2020
First Encounter by Internship Location 25 March 2020 (Wednesday) *online session
Career Planning Training Workshops April – May 2020
Pre-departure Briefing May 2020
Internship Mid June – August 2020 (depends on individual requirements of host organization)
Post-internship Sharing/ Presentation by Students September 2020

1. For chances under ASEAN module, you would need to compete with students from other universities in HK (our team will provide you with support when you receive interviews from the employer, to increase your chance to get the placement)
2. No selection interview will be conducted for ASEAN module. Applicants will be shortlisted for nomination according to their resume and quality of submission in online form. Therefore, please do view the video about CV writing above and revise/ polish your CV before submitting application.
3. Application to ASEAN module will NOT affect your chance being selected by CDIP 2019 (Overseas), you may receive nomination from both sides, if suitable. Decision only needs to be made when you get offer from either side.
4. Apart from the application method and selection timeline, other arrangements will be the same as other modules of CDIP 2019, for details, please refer to respective sub-pages:
–  Testimonialshttps://www.eduhk.hk/sao/?p=6330
–  Logistic Arrangement, Estimated Cost & Subsidy, Visa Requirements: https://www.eduhk.hk/sao/?p=6325

Miss Shadow CHOW at 2948 6346/ Ms. Valeria LI at 2948 6761.

The EdUHK  would  like  to  thank  the  Hong  Kong  Economic and Trade Office in Singapore of the Government of HKSAR, which is responsible for  strengthening  the  bilateral  relations  between  Hong  Kong  and  six  of  the  ten ASEAN member countries, namely Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, with the assistance of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Jakartar  responsible  for  the  other  four  ASEAN  member  countries,  i.e.  Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines,   for referring internship opportunities in ASEAN  to  Hong  Kong  higher  education  students  under  the  ASEAN  Internship Scheme for Hong Kong Higher Education Students.  For more details, please visit the Office’s website: www.hketosin.gov.hk.