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Career Development Internship Programme 2019 (CDIP)

Overview of CDIP 2019 (Overseas)   
Application Guidelines (Overseas)
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Other Modules of CDIP 2019 (Overseas) – to be updated

Application Guidelines (Overseas)


I. Application guideline:

Complete the online application form (you are required to submit your English CV in this form)
− You man indicate up to 8 preferences of internship organizations*

Note: For shortlisted applicants, while our office will nominate you to your preferred organization, the final decision will rest with the host organization.


II. Application Deadline

Online application must be done by 23:59 on 16 January 2019 (Wednesday).


III. Tips on CV Writing

Applicants will be screened by their interview performance and quality of CV. Therefore, they are highly recommended to view the video conducted by SAO to learn about the basic requirements and tips to write an up-to-standard CV before their submission. The video lasts for 55 mins.

Video on “Tips on CV Writing” (00:00:00 – 00:55:13): http://ess360.ied.edu.hk:8080/ess/echo/presentation/d00da803-8a2b-4641-a5de-b3c6ed80cf9a

(For this application, you only need to submit the online application form including your English CV. Please ignore the last part in the video about application letter)


IV. Due to employers’ requirements, applicants holding PRC passports are NOT eligible to choose internship organization(s) in Africa or UK as one of your preferences.


V. The US is unavailable in our location preferences. Applications to the US will be handled separately. Please email to hsyu@eduhk.hk for enquiries/ more information if needed.