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Campus Life Advising System (CLAS)
Campus Life Advising System (CLAS) aims to promote new students’ adjustment to U-life through peer mentoring as well their connectedness to the University and peers.

Centering around new students are Campus Life Tutors (CLTs) who are senior year students committing to support new students.  Professional staff of SAO also serve as Campus Life Advisors (CLAs) to provide coaching and guidance to CLTs.

CLTs will be introduced to all freshmen via the New Student Friendship Day each year. They will then accompany freshmen in campus activities, provide insider information, share personal experience, and help them build social network.

Campus Life Tutors are in-progress senior year undergraduates of EdUHK who

  1. have had reasonable experiences in campus/ university life;
  2. attained satisfactory academic performance (GPA≥2.3);
  3. demonstrate positive attitudes and genuine desire to be helpful and empathetic;
  4. undertake to complete all training sessions and tasks required

Major Activities

CLTs are required to

  1. attend:
    • Induction Training Camp (7-8 May 2019) ;
    • Training Workshops (for new CLTs only);
    • Information Day for New Student Friendship Day (NSFD) (14 Aug 2019);
    • New Student Friendship Day (NSFD) (17 Aug 2019);
  2. organise 1 group activity for corresponding new students in New Student Friendship Day (NSFD);
  3. attend a mass group activity organised by the Steering Committee with corresponding new students on 16 Sep 2019 (tentative);
  4. organise at least 2 mass group activities for corresponding new students from Sep to Nov 2019;
  5. meet with respective Campus Life Advisers (CLAs) at least twice: ​
    • Late July / early Aug 2019 (to discuss activity proposal of NSFD);
    • Late Nov/ early Dec 2019 for Performance Review;

Deposit Fee
HK$50 (will be reimbursed upon completion of induction training camp)

Recognition for CLTs 2019/20 (subject to fulfillment of requirements and satisfactory performance)

  • One-off honorarium ≥ 6 iWork hours
  • 3 hall points under Section D: Current University Representation and Leadership Role in Student Organisation (for 2nd round hall application in 2019/20)
  • ELAT record in Category C: Contribution to the University and Student Organisation

Application for CLTs 2019/20 (First Round) (Closed)
On or before 7 Apr 2019 (Sun) via https://machg2.eduhk.hk/machform/view.php?id=309051

Application for CLTs 2019/20 (Second Round) 
At or before 12:00nn of 24 Apr 2019 (Wed) https://machg2.eduhk.hk/machform/view.php?id=314868

Steering Group of Campus Life Advising System (Email: saoclas@eduhk.hk)