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Selected Development Project
Project Title Fostering and Assessing Young Children's Moral and Social Development: Enhancing Early Childhood Organizations' Knowledge of Implementing and Evaluating Program
Principal Investigator Dr. Li Yuen Ling
Area of Research Project
Teacher and Teaching Development
Project Period
From 1/2009 To 1/2012
3 objectives framed the project:
  • To enhance social, moral and civic education in the “Self and Society” domain by setting goals/objectives;

  • To develop and test learning activities that help young children develop moral and social abilities and skills in all aspects of life; and

  • To equip teachers with knowledge and skills for implementing and assessing children’s learning in the “Self and Society” domain.

Development Methods Used
  • Questionnaires;
  • Briefing sessions;
  • School visits;
  • Reviewed and developed curricula, activities, and evaluation models for relevant key values and attitudes mentioned in the Performance Indicators (Pre-primary Institutions) 2001;
  • Four seminars/workshops to improve teachers’ implementation and evaluation skills.
  • Seminars on assessment of learning outcomes/process; and
  • Four joint-school sharing sessions.
Summary of Findings
  • Schools showed signs of curriculum innovations and change, including a variety of learning activities to foster children’s social, emotional, and attitudinal development. Formative assessment of children’s progress, outcomes, and accomplishments was performed with the use of tools such as the Scale for Assessing Emotional Disturbance, the DIT defining test, and Q-sort to collect data for analysis and use data in self-assessment and for continuous improvement of teaching; and
  • Signs of teacher development were noted.
  • Conference paper disseminating data collected;
  • Curriculum framework developed by teachers;
  • Positive feedback from participants attending workshops and sharing sessions
  • Direct benefits to principals, teachers and young children from 11 participated preschools;
  • Teachers’ learning and development, as a part of the schools’ strategic development, was facilitated;
  • 181 kindergarten principals and teachers attended the dissemination seminar:
  • Experience was shared and output was disseminated to the ECE sector for reference;
  • Booklet entitled “Activities and Assessment of Social, Moral, and Civic Education in Preschools”;
  • Teaching manual/guidelines for teachers on implementing curriculum innovations in 3 aspects;
  • Framework guiding schools to select, develop, or adapt school-based development aligned with curriculum innovations for teacher development/curriculum leadership development.
Selected Publications Related to the Study
  • 李婉玲 (2012):《校本發展- 理論與實踐》。香港: New Century Press。
  • 李婉玲 (編). (2011):《幼兒全人教育 ─ 「個人與群體」課程設計》。香港: New Century Press。
  • 李婉玲 (編). (2011):《促進幼兒群性發展的課程設計理論》。香港: New Century Press。
Chapters in Books
  • 李婉玲 (2011):<幼兒全人發展課程>。 輯於 李婉玲 (編),《幼兒全人教育 ─ 「個人與群體」課程設計》。香港: New Century Press。
  • 李婉玲 (2011):<幼兒全人教育─「個人與群體」課程設計>。 輯於 李婉玲 (編),《幼兒全人教育 ─ 「個人與群體」課程設計》。香港: New Century Press。
  • 劉寶蓮(2012):<以問題解決的方法教導幼兒處理衝突>,輯於李婉玲編,《促進幼兒群性發展的課程設計理論》。香港:New Century Press 。
  • 劉寶蓮(2012):<幼兒對「友誼」的概念和建立友誼的方法>,輯於李婉玲編,《促進幼兒群性發展的課程設計理論》。香港:New Century Press。
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  • 梁智熊(2012):<提升評估的效度和信度>,輯於李婉玲編,《促進幼兒群性發展的課程設計理論》。香港:New Century Press。
Biography of Principal Investigator
Dr. Li Yuen Ling is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Early Childhood Education. She was formerly the Programme Coordinator of the Qualified Kindergarten Teacher (QKT) In-service Course (1998–2000), QKT Pre-service Course (2000–2004), and the BEd (ECE) In-service Programme (2004–2008) at the Institute. Her research is primarily focused on teacher development, early childhood curriculum, and school development. Dr. Li has been published in international and regional jorunals. At present, she is on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education and the Forum on Public Policy, which publishes papers on educational policy.
Funding Source
Quality Education Fund