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Selected Development Project
Project Title Introducing White-Collar Women to Hong Kong: A Case Study of Sacred Heart Canossian College of Commerce's Secretarial Training
Principal Investigator Dr KANG Jong Hyuk David
Area of Research Project
Social Studies
Project Period
From 06/2017 To 05/2019
  1. Reconstruct the history of Sacred Heart Canossian College of Commerce (SHCCC)'s secretarial training and identify SHCCC's role in the development of the secretarial profession in Hong Kong
  2. Examine the influence of SHCCC's secretarial training on women in Hong Kong and analyze the collected narratives of these white-collar women
  3. Survey the influence of SHCCC's secretarial training on the overall development of girl's schooling in Hong Kong and reflect upon the value of this specialized vocational education in the colony
  4. Investigate the socio-economic status of SHCCC's students by inspecting the correlation between their Christian identity and their education/employment opportunities as secretaries under the colonial context
  5. Contribute to Hong Kong's oral history project by transcribing interviews with former secretaries and promote further studies on the history of white-collar women in Hong Kong
Methods Used
Archival Research
Oral History
Summary of Findings
Selected Output
Biography of Principal Investigator

Dr Kang Jong Hyuk David is an Assistant Professor of Department of Literature and Cultural Studies at The Education University of Hong Kong. He was born in Korea, raised in Taiwan, educated in the US and Hong Kong, Dr Kang is a historian of Modern Hong Kong and China. Dr Kang completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, master’s degree at Columbia University, and doctoral degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research focuses mainly on the cultural interactions between the East and the West in historical contexts, including the areas of religion, medicine, and gender. Dr Kang also studies the collision among cultures within East Asia, especially within colonial and post-colonial societies.

Funding Source

Early Career Scheme