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Selected Development Project
Project Title

The identification, abundance and sources of microplastics in the fluvial, littoral and marine environments of Hong Kong


Principal Investigator Dr FOK Lincoln
Area of Research Project
Social Studies
Project Period
From 01/2014 To 06/2016
  • Establish a baseline for the spatial distribution for the different types of marine microplastic debris in Hong Kong and their abundance;
  • Identify the sources of microplastics in Hong Kong waters through a program of fieldwork;
  • Determine the concentration of DDT adsorbed by microplastic fragments in different environments; and
  • Determine the relative abundance of macro- and microplastics.
Methods Used
  • Systemic sampling of microplastics on the beaches, in marine zones and from selected rivers in Hong Kong
  • Plastics types identified by visual sorting and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • DDT analysis through gas chromatography – electron capture detector (GC-ECD)
  • Fills the scientific knowledge gap with regard to the extent and severity of microplastics pollution
  • Data serves as a baseline providing a basis for future monitoring surveys
  • Represents an assessment of the nature and origin of this anthropogenic pollutant and through which, appropriate management can be brought in, where necessary
  • Results be shared in a presentation in an international academic conference
  • Two papers in international referred journals, such as the Marine Pollution Bulletin
Biography of Principal Investigator
Funding Source

Early Career Scheme