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Selected Development Project
Project Title

The Rise of Madrasah Education in Hong Kong: Exploring the Change of Learning under Integrated Education for Muslim Minorities


Principal Investigator Dr Ho, Wai Yip
Area of Research Project
Social Studies
Project Period
From 12/2013 To 11/2015
This project aims to investigate and explain the following contexts in the Muslim and Chinese communities in Hong Kong:
  • To understand the origin and the influence of the rise of Madrasah in the East-Asians and Chinese societies on the implication of education policy in Hong Kong;
  • To identify the development and impacts of Madrasah in Hong Kong, especially among the Muslim youths;
  • To investigate the significance of the Islamic religious education among Muslim students and families; in terms of family honour, moral education and religious piety;
  • To justify the use of resources that can empower Hong Kong educators to understand the growing needs of Qur’anic education among Muslim students, both in the perspectives of Muslims students and Hong Kong educators.
Methods Used

Participant observation is conducted to observe the practice and routine of Qur’anic education in current Muslim communities in the Madrasah. Teachers, parents and students will be invited for in-depth interviews and focus-group interviews.

Summary of Findings
  • To understand emerging issues in relation to the Madrasah, Muslim students, and educators in conventional schools in Hong Kong.
  • To understand the demographic expansion of ethnic minorities
  • To interpret the perceptions of ethnic Muslim students and their parents on the importance of the Madrasah education
  • Modern Asian Studies (Cambridge University Press)
Biography of Principal Investigator
HO Wai Yip is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. He has been a Sir Edward Youde Fellow. Before joining Hong Kong Institute of Education, he was a Visiting Scholar at Division of Social Science, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (2005-2006), Fellow of Institute of Advanced Study in the Humanities, Essen, Germany (Summer 2006) and the Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar at the Institute of Arab & Islamic Studies (IAIS), University of Exeter, UK (2001-2002). He has also taught at City University of Hong Kong, University of Macau and Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Being a Christian sociologist in Islamic Studies, he particularly concerns Muslim Societies in general and the future Christian-Muslim relations in China.
Funding Source

General Research Fund