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Selected Development Project
Project Title

The Chinese Healthcare Reform in Provincial Perspective: A Comparative Study of Fujian and Shanxi


Principal Investigator Dr He, Jingwei Alex
Area of Research Project
Social Studies
Project Period
From 01/2014 To 12/2015
  • To understand how national health policy reforms are implemented at the local, and especially the provincial level in China
  • To examine how two selected provincial governments with varying capacities deal with health care reform imperatives and other competing policy agendas
  • To explain the dynamics and variations of health care reforms in representative provinces
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of selected reform initiatives of representative provinces
Methods Used
  • Theoretically, this study combines the environmental LCA plus LCC analysis application on food waste management options.
  • Draw health policy-makers’ attention to the structural hurdles of policy implementation
  • Make informed recommendations to China’s ongoing national health policy reform as well as to developing and transitional countries
  • The Doctor-Patient Relationship, Defensive Medicine and Overprescription in Chinese Public Hospitals: Evidence from a Cross-sectional Survey, submitted to Social Science and Medicine, under review
  • Healthcare Reform Mandate, Hospital’s Interests and Implementation Deficit: The Case of a Chinese Hospital in Executing Clinical Pathway Pilot, Journal of Health Economics, Policy and Law, under preparation
  • Health Policy Reforms in a Decentralized System: the Case of Two Chinese Provinces, Journal of Contemporary Asia, under preparation
  • Health Care Reforms in China, co-authored book with Lijie Fang, Sprinker, under preparation
Biography of Principal Investigator

Dr He Jingwei, Alex is Assistant Professor and Associate Head (Research and Development) of the Department of Asian and Policy Studies, at the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd). He received his PhD degree in Public Policy from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. Dr He specializes in public policy analysis, health policy and governance and social policy reforms, with particular reference to the Greater China region. He has published extensively in these areas, contributing articles to leading international journals and publishing houses, includingPublic Administration Reviewthe China QuarterlyHealth Policy and PlanningSocial Science and MedicineJournal of Contemporary China, and Public Administration and Development. He also has a rich portfolio of academic articles and book chapters published in Chinese.

Awarded by the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Dr He is currently leading a research project (Early Career Scheme) focusing on the political-economy of China’s healthcare reforms at the local, especially provincial level, and examines the role played by intermediary sub-national governments in translating central reform mandates into local initiatives.

Dr He is the Secretary of the Asian Society for Institutional Analysis (ASIASIA), Associate Editor of the Journal of Asian Public Policy (JAPP), Member of the East Asian Social Policy Network (EASP), and the alumnus of the Ronald Coase Institute. He is a member of the President's task force for strategic development, HKIEd. He chairs the Departmental Research Committee and served as the Programme Leader for Master of Social Science Education (Greater China Studies) from 2011 to 2013. He was the recipient of the President's Award for Outstanding Performance in Research, HKIEd, the Ronald Coase Institute Fellowship, NUS Research Scholarship, and received the First Prize of the All-China University Student Research Project Competition (the Challenge Cup, with teammates).

As a policy scholar, Dr He is actively engaged in policy advocacy. His articles appeared in leading newspers, includingChina DailySouth China Morning PostHong Kong Economic JournalMing Pao and Singtao Daily. He is also an ad hoc commentator for the Phoenix TV in Hong Kong. 

Funding Source

Early Career Scheme