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Selected Development Project
Project Title

Green Slope Engineering: Bioengineered, Live Cover Systems for Man-made Fill Slopes and Landfill Capillary Barriers in Hong Kong

Principal Investigator Drof. WONG Ming Hung (Co-I)
Area of Research Project
Social Studies
Project Period
From 06/2013 To 06/2016
To investigate and improve our fundamental understanding of root-soil-water-gas-heat interactions and to develop an innovative and environmentally friendly reliability-based preliminary design framework for “an integrated bioengineered live cover for man-made fill slopes and landfill capillary barriers” in Hong Kong.
Methods Used
Summary of Findings
  • Generating a reliability-based preliminary design guideline for the design, construction and management of bio-engineered live cover systems.
  • Setting out performance standards, technical information, procedural mechanisms for design, construction and operation. 
  • Develop a new theoretical ecological model for analyzing coupled surface-subsurface water flow allowing root-soil-water-gas-heat interaction.
  • Develop a new theoretical soil model for calculating the effects of live poles on slope stability including suction-dependent dilatancy.
  • Develop a new reliability-based model to assess the performance of bio-engineered slopes.
  • The Doctor-Patient Relationship, Defensive Medicine and Overprescription in Chinese Public Hospitals: Evidence from a Cross-sectional Survey, submitted to Social Science and Medicine, under review
  • Healthcare Reform Mandate, Hospital’s Interests and Implementation Deficit: The Case of a Chinese Hospital in Executing Clinical Pathway Pilot, Journal of Health Economics, Policy and Law, under preparation
  • Health Policy Reforms in a Decentralized System: the Case of Two Chinese Provinces, Journal of Contemporary Asia, under preparation
  • Health Care Reforms in China, co-authored book with Lijie Fang, Sprinker, under preparation
Biography of Principal Investigator

BSc (CUHK), MSc, PhD, Dsc (Durham), MBA, DSc (Strathclyde)

Prof. Wong Ming Hung is the Research Chair Professor in the Department of Science and Environmental Studies at the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd). He received his PhD at Durham University in UK. He went on to further obtain the Dsc degree in Durham University and University of Strathclyde. The DSc Degree is regarded as a higher doctoral degree (higher than PhD) in British/European Tertiary Institutions, based on quality and quantity of papers published by the candidate.

Prof. Wong served as Head of Biology in Hong Kong Baptist University for 18 years, where he initiated the BSc (Hon) Course in Applied Biology and Environmental Science, through validation and revalidation. The Department of Biology has become one of the strongest departments in Hong Kong in the field of “Environmental Science/Biology” (based on Research Assessments of Research Grants Council of Hong Kong). During the time, he received the first Chair Professor awarded to an academic staff at HKBU (1990), after vigorous assessment (included the blind assessment conducted by the Commonwealth University Association, UK).

Professor Wong has published over 550 SCI papers and 32 book chapters, edited 25 books/special issues of scientific journals, and has successfully filed 5 patents. Based on citation of papers and H-index (for the past ten years, on July 2009), Prof. Wong ranked No. 1 of the Top 20 World Chinese Scientists under the area of Environmental Science/Ecology. The information prepared by the Ministry of Organization of Central Committee of Communist Party of China (中共中央組織部) is intended for use as a reference for recruiting overseas talent throughout China. Currently, he is the most cited Chinese scientist in the world, in the area of Environmental Science, according to ISI Web of Science.

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