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Selected Development Project
Project Title

Applying Knowledge Management Practices in School Education for Sustainable Development

Principal Investigators

Dr. Cheng Chi Keung Eric

Area of Research Project School Management
Project Period
From 11/2012 To 10/2014
The school development project aims:
  • To help schools to institutionalize KM systems for sustainable development;
  • To help schools to understand the concept of KM and to acquire skills and tools for KM practices;
  • To foster a culture of knowledge sharing and innovative in the schools;
  • To develop and validate a set of performance indicators for KM audit and to facilitate the schools to conduct KM audit for strategic planning;
  • To strengthen school capacity in management, teaching and learning, and student support via KM; and
  • To enhance school KM capacity in coping with the challenges created from the recent educational reforms.
Methods Used
  • Set up a KM committee in each project school
  • Provide training programme for KM managers of the schools
  • Conduct school workshops for all project school teachers
  • Conduct KM audit for each school and provide consultancy for school planning
  • Strengthen school capacity in management, teaching and learning, and student support.
  • Enhance professional competence, confidence and performance of the KM managers.
  • Improve problem solving skills of the schools
  • Develop strategic planning capacity of the project schools
Summary of Findings
IInstitutionalizing the KM system and internalizing KM practices through cultivating knowledge sharing culture and building up IT system could help schools to be more responsive to societal and education policy changes, as well as more effective in coping with challenges created from education reforms so as to provide quality education.
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Biography of Principal Investigator

Dr. Eric Cheng is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the Hong Kong Institute of Education. He earned his EdD in Education Management from the University of Leicester, UK. His research interests include knowledge management in education, school management, organisational learning and  lesson study.

Funding Source

Quality Education Fund