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Selected Development Project
Project Title Training for Effective Primary School Vice-Principal
Principal Investigator

Dr. Chan Tsan Ming, Kenneth

Area of Research Project School Management
Project Period
From 10/2011 To 9/2012
  1. To offer both practical training and academic study across different aspects of the job-related performance of a primary school vice principal; and

  2. Through the development of a shared vision and mission with the school sponsoring body, as well as global perspectives on education change, promote a cadre of committed and competent senior managers who are capable of taking up the duties of a vice principal in Hong Kong primary schools.
  1. Plans to create a training model for other primary vice principals in Hong Kong.
  2. Research-based and field-tested performance standards for vice principals of Hong Kong primary schools that can be used for (a) selection and appointment of senior primary teachers to the post of vice principal; (b) developing training programmes for aspiring primary deputy principals; and (c) performance appraisal of primary vice principals.
  3. Serving principals involved in the project as tutors can be developed as trainers to provide in-house training to their own teachers.
  4. The on-going professional activities (e.g., regular, seminars, professional-sharing meetings, on-line publications, among others) of the Learning Community can also accommodate the needs of the vice principals in other Hong Kong primary schools.
Biography of Principal Investigator
Dr. Chan is a lecturer in the Department of Education Policy and Leadership. He has also been involved in the teaching of classroom management, organization, and management of extracurricular activities and middle management training for various teacher-education programmes.
Funding Source

Quality Education Fund