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Selected Research Project
Project Title
An Innovative Methodology for Data with a Hierarchical Structure and Its Applications and Implications for Policy-Formulation
Principal Investigator

Professor Wang Wen Chung

Area of Research Project
Public Policy Studies
Project Period
From 10/2010 To 9/2012
  • Critique the application of existing non-hierarchical and simple second-order structure approaches to survey and test data with a complex higher-order structure;
  • Develop a new methodology that resolves the problems associated with the abovementioned issue;
  • Develop CAT and CCT procedures under the new methodology;
  • Demonstrate applications of the new methodology through systematic analyses using real data, and provide implications for public policy making; and
  • Usher in a new era of higher-order data analysis.
Methods Used
  • Development of new models for data with hierarchical latent traits;
  • Development of parameter estimation procedures and computer programs;
  • Simulation studies;
  • Implementation of CAT and CCT; and
  • Applications and implications of the new methodology on public policy.
Summary of Findings

We have developed a new class of item response models to account for hierarchical latent traits. Some of the research results were presented at international conferences. More investigation and validation of the new models are underway. For example, applications of computerized adaptive testing are being explored. Several manuscripts are under preparation.

  • Hierarchical structure of latent traits can be analyzed more properly with the new models, such that more accurate relationships among latent traits can be ascertained.
  • Guidelines, computer programs, annotated examples, and websites will be provided to facilitate the use of the new technique in many areas.
Selected Publications Related to the Study
  • Su, C.-M., & Wang, W.-C. (2011, July). Extensions and applications of higher-order item response theory models. Paper presented at the 76th Annual and the 17th International Meeting of the Psychometric Society, Hong Kong.
  • Wang, W.-C., Jin, K.-Y., & Chow, K.-F. (2011, July). Multilevel item response models for hierarchal latent Traits. Paper presented at the 76th Annual and the 17th International Meeting of the Psychometric Society, Hong Kong.
  • Huang, H.-Y., & Wang, W.-C. (2012, April). The multilevel higher-order item response theory model. Paper presented at 2012 Annual Meeting of National Council on Measurement in Education, Vancouver, Canada.
Biography of Principal Investigator

Professor Wang Wen Chung is the Director of the Assessment Research Centre and Chair Professor of Educational and Psychological Measurement. Prior to joining HKIEd in 2008, he was a Distinguished Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology at National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. He was a Fulbright grantee in 2005, and a visiting professor at UC Berkeley in 2005 and 2007. He has received Research Excellence Awards from the National Science Council and National Chung Cheng University, as well as the Mu-Dou Award (M) for his contribution to education. He has published more than 140 refereed journal articles, in addition to several books and chapters. He is an editorial board member of several journals and a reviewer of many journals. Since joining HKIED in 2008, he has received (as principal investigator) three research grants from the General Research Fund and one research grant from the Public Policy Research Fund.

Funding Source

Public Policy Research