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Selected Research Project
Project Title Engagement of Immigrant and Minority Students with Schools and Civil Society
Principal Investigator

Dr Yuen Yuet Mui, Celeste

Area of Research Project Public Policy Studies
Project Period
From 10/2012 To 9/2014
  • To examine the nature of engagement of minority and immigrant students with schools and civic society
  • To compare the similarities and differences between the nature of school and civic engagement among the different student groups
  • To determine the relationship between school engagement and civic engagement of minority and immigrant students
  • To identify the mediating factors affecting the different student groups in school and civic engagement
  • To recommend policies and provisions for enabling greater school and civic participation of all students in an inclusive and equal society.
Methods Used
  • A demographic sheet was used to collect the essential background information of the four student groups (HK mainstream; South Asian; newly arrived and cross-boundary students).
  • The pilot-tested IEA student questionnaire and the school engagement instrument were administered to measure students’ engagement.
  • Individual interviews with students and group-interviews with school personnel and policy makers were conducted.
Summary of Findings
  • School engagement and civic engagement were interrelated.
  • Student group, family factors variable, religious affiliation, gender and grade were all significant predictors
  • To provide individual schools with their key findings and practical recommendations.
  • To inform the education sectors and general public of the project findings.
  • To provide insights into the way in which ethnic minority and immigrant students in Hong Kong schools are integrated into their schools and their community.
  • To recommend policy development for positive youth development and engagement with school and society.
  • To encourage further research and discussion on the related topics.
  • Two conference papers presented in July 2013 and two will be presented in May & July 2014.
  • Two international refereed papers were published.
  • One dissemination seminar was organized (March 22, 2014)..
  • A progress report submitted in December 2013.
  • Three co-authored papers, one conference symposium are in preparation.
Biography of Principal Investigators

Celeste Y. M. Yuen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Education Policy and Leadership, Hong Kong Institute of Education. Her research interests include Chinese immigrants and cross-boundary students in Hong Kong, ethnicity and identities, intercultural teacher education, education for all and pedagogical  issues. In the past decade she has led over 10 territory-wide consultancy studies and large scale projects funded by both internal and external organizations. On the subject relating  to life satisfaction, spiritual health and engagement with school and society of adolescents from diverse cultural backgrounds, for example, she has recently secured funding from the Research Grant Council in Hong Kong to conduct one public policy and one general reseach  fund research projects (Jan 2013 – Dec 2014). I have published numerous papers, news  articles, chapters and reports and some of them appear in various journals such as Journa  of Youth Studies, Compare, Teaching and Teacher Education, Intercultural Education and  Pacific-Asian Education.

Funding Source

Public Policy Research Funding Scheme