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Selected Development Project
Project Title

Enhancing Children's Learning and Development through Integrated Multi Media Educational Programmes

Principal Investigator

Dr. Lam Mei Yung, Hazel

Area of Research Project

Learning and Assessment

Project Period
From 7/2010 To 9/2011
  • To develop a series of high-quality integrated multi media educational programmes for young children based on their development and interest;
  • To enhance children’s learning and development through integrated multi-media educational programmes;
  • To assist preschools in providing quality early childhood education;
  • To strengthen cooperation between the schools and the parents in providing care to the children;
  • To enhance the parent–child relationship through integrated activities introduced in the integrated multi media programme in order to set up a good foundation for a harmonious family;
  • To provide quality TV programmes for young children; and
  • To enhance the awareness of the community on the importance of quality children TV programme in promoting children’s development.
Methods Used

A series with 20 episodes of high-quality and developmental appropriated integrated multi media programme was produced and broadcasted at ATV Home (a Cantonese channel) from 6 June to 1 July 2011. The first episode was well received by the audience, which included the parents and children of the participating schools, during the launching ceremony on 4 June 2011. During the focus group interview, all the principals and the parents who had viewed the episodes agreed that the episodes were well received by the children and of high quality.

A quasi-experiment was designed to collect the quantitative data. During the intervention period, case studies were conducted to collect qualitative data regarding the effect of the integrated multimedia programmes on the learning and development of the children.

Summary of Findings

Of the respondents, 70% of the teachers and 66% of the parents agreed that Barry’s Diary helped to enhance young children’s moral development, whereas less than 40% agreed that general children TV programmes can play the same role.

To conclude, more than 80% of the responded teachers and parents agreed that Barry’s Diary enhanced the children’s holistic development.

Teachers and parents liked Barry’s Diary mainly because of the educational content, the focus on languages, and the positive moral messages imparted.  Many teachers and parents enjoyed the portion introducing Chinese characters. According to the parents and teacher, not only did the children learn something about the Chinese characters, they also learned about the origin of the Chinese characters, which they did not know before.

The project’s effects on the learning effectiveness/professional development/school development with regard to the following should be evaluated using an evidence-based approach:

  • Broadening the horizons of students/teachers;
  • Enhancing the sense of achievement of students/teachers;
  • Fostering the development of he potential and specific abilities and students;
  • Increasing training opportunities for teachers and enhancing their professional development; and
  • Optimising learning atmosphere.

The effect of the project on children’s learning and development, preschool teachers’ professional development, and the school development were evaluated by quasi-experiments, case studies, surveys, and focus group interviews, in collaboration with teachers, schools, and parents. Several pieces of evidence are illustrated in the above section.

Selected Publications Related to the Study
1. Books / Teaching Resources
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2. DVD
  • 藍美容, 何斯濃, 黎玉貞, 陳芝瑛, 繆慧碧, 梁玉蘭, 黃國茜, 蔡昌(2011):開心保兒日記 - 公園及遊樂場,香港,優質教育基金。
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Biography of Principal Investigator

Dr. Hazel Lam, Associate Professor of Department of Early Childhood Education, has been the course/programme coordinator of ECE programmes since 1989. She is currently the Programme Coordinator of Higher Diploma in Kindergarten Education (Two-Year Day Release / Evening Mixed Mode) Programmes and Master of Education (Early Childhood Education) Programme. She was formerly the Deputy Head of Early Childhood Education Department and Centre for Early Childhood Research and Development, the elected President of O.M.E.P. (World Organisation for Early Childhood Education) - Hong Kong from 2004 to 2007, and the Vice Prsident of OMEP-HK from 2007 to 2011. She was also appointed manager of preschools and consultant of non-government early childhood education organisations in Hong Kong. She has been a project leader and co-investigator of funded projects of early childhood education since 1993. She was invited as a Keynote Speaker of various Early Childhood Conferences. She was also Chairperson of Early Childhood Education International Conferences including the 63rd OMEP World Conference in 2011. Her publications include book chapters, journal articles, textbooks, and teaching materials related to early childhood education.

Funding Source

Quality Education Fund