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Selected Research Project
Project Title A Study of Hong Kong Literature under Japanese Occupation: “Peace Literature”, Dai Wangshu, Ye Lingfeng and Other Authors
Principal Investigator Dr. Chan Chi Tak
Area of Research Project
Language, Literature and Linguistics
Project Period
From 1/2012 To 6/2013
  • Reorganize the information on Hong Kong literary history during the Japanese Occupation by searching newspapers and books, and by updating the bibliography;
  • Analyse the “Peace Literature” theory and related works during the Japan Occupation;
  • Discuss, analyse, and comment on the value of the literature during the Japanese Occupation by focusing mainly on Dai Wangshu and Ye Lingfeng, and by comparing their works with those of Chen Jun Bao, Huang Lu, and other writers.
Methods Used
The research focuses on the two scopes of the Hong Kong literature under the Japanese Occupation: (i) the theory and related literary work of “Peace Literature,” and (ii) the literary works written by the writers who did not support the Peace Literature, including the works of Dai Wangshu, Ye Lingfeng, Chen Junbao, Huang Lu, Ling Xiaosheng, and so on. However, the dissent and sarcasm in some Peace Literature and the pro-Japan and patriotically sarcastic ideas in some of the works by other parties' authors such as Ye Lingfeng make distinguishing one from the other difficult.
  • 陳智德(2013):〈《南華日報》副刊與日治時期香港文學〉,The 8th Annual Conference of The Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong. 03/2013/Hong Kong
  • 陳智德(2012):〈日治時期香港文學:葉靈鳳、戴望舒與「和平文藝」〉(Public Lecture at Joint Publishing HK “Humanities Lecture Series”, organized by Center for Chinese History of CUHK ; The Modern History Research Centre of HKBU and Joint Publishing HK )
  • 陳智德(2013):〈和平紀念碑與日治時期香港文學〉(Public Lecture at Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre 2013, organized by Antiquities and Monuments Office)
Biography of Principal Investigator
Dr. Chan Chi-tak is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese, Hong Kong Institute of Education. Dr. Chan is a scholar of Hong Kong literature, as well as modern Chinese literature. His publications include Disintegration of My City: Hong Kong Literature 1950-2005 (《解體我城:香港文學1950–2005》, Hong Kong:Arcadia Press Ltd, 2009); Hong Kong literature: Succession to traditions and metamorphosis (Co-ed.《香港文學的傳承與轉化》, Hong Kong : Infolink Publishing Ltd. 2011); An Anthology of Hong Kong Poetry in the 1930s and 1940s (ed. 《三、四零年代香港詩選》, Hong Kong:Centre for Humanities Research, Lingnan University, 2003); and An Anthology of Hong Kong Poetry Criticism in the 1930s and 1940s (ed. 《三四零年代香港新詩論集》, Hong Kong:Centre for Humanities Research, Lingnan University, 2004).
Funding Source
General Research Fund