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Selected Research Project
Project Title In Search of Chinese Lyricisml: The Conception of "Chinese Lyrical Tradition" in Modern Studies of Chinese Literature
Principal Investigator Professor Chan Kwok Kou, Leonard
Area of Research Project
Language, Literature and Linguistics
Project Period
From 1/2011 To 12/2012
  1. To scrutinize the formation and the significance of the conception of “Chinese lyrical tradition” in modern studies of Chinese literature;
  2. To expose the socio-historical contexts of the vivacity and eclipse of these discourses in various cultural and political environments at different periods; and
  3. To elucidate the contribution and confines of this conception in Chinese literary studies.
Methods Used
  • Location and inventory of primary texts and secondary materials by consulting and visiting local and overseas libraries.
  • Arrangement of the gathered materials in chronological order, and scrutinization of the materials with reference to their socio-cultural contexts.
  • Survey of the rise and development of the conception of “Chinese lyrical tradition” and “Chinese lyricism” with reference to its prototype, development of major arguments, and later variations.
  • Provision of an in-depth, well-supported explanation of the theoretical significance of the findings, and compilation of an anthology of important treatises on the subject.
Summary of Findings
  • Acquisition of copies of several extremely rare books and articles.
  • Compilation of volumes of primary sources, and creation of relevant bibliographies and biographies.
  • Arrangement of gathered materials into chronological order and scrutinization of the same with reference to their socio-cultural contexts.
  • Examination and clarification of how and why the conception of “Chinese lyrical tradition,” first brought up by Chen Shixiang, exerted an immense impact on modern Chinese literary studies.
The project will bring about a comprehensive cognizance of a very energetic strand of Chinese studies that has been prevailing for more than half a century, as well as deepen understanding of Chinese literature in general.
Selected Publications Related to the Study
  • “Chen Shixiang on Chinese Literature-the Road to ‘Lyrical Tradition’”, Taipei: Chinese Studies, Vol. 29, Issue 2 (July 2011), pp. 225–244 (〈陳世驤論中國文學—通往「抒情傳統論」之路〉,台北:《漢學研究》,第29卷,第2期(2011年7月),頁225-244。)
  • “Lyrical Tradition: A Procession of Literary Concept” (「抒情」的傳統——一個文學觀念的流轉), Presented at The 12th International Conference on Literature and Aesthetics, organized by Tamkang University, Taiwan, May 2011.
Biography of Principal Investigator
Professor Leonard K. K. Chan is concurrently the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and the Chair Professor of Chinese Literature of HKIEd. He is also a Foundation Fellow and Executive of Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities. Prior to joining HKIEd, Professor Chan was Professor in the Division of Humanities at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and had served as Head of the Department of Chinese at Hong Kong Baptist University. He is a distinguished scholar in the areas of Chinese literary criticism and Chinese literary history. The main research areas of Prof. Chan include literary historiography, and Chinese and Hong Kong literature. Professor Chan is a member of various educational committees/bodies and an external referee of journals for other tertiary institutions. He has been invited by government departments and renowned universities to deliver lectures, and has has been active in presenting papers in regional and international conferences. Professor Chan was also a visiting scholar for a number of universities in the Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the USA.
Funding Source
General Research Fund