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Selected Development Project
Project Title

Translator Professionalism in East Asia: Perspectives from Practitioners and Clients

Principal Investigator Dr LIU Fung Ming Christy
Area of Research Project
Translation Studies
Project Period
From 01/2017 To 12/2018
  1. To review the existing Translation Studies literature related to translator status, the role of translators, translator professionalization and translator professionalism.
  2. To examine the translation market in East Asia from the historical, economic and social perspectives in order to have a clear and current context for analysing translator professionalism perceived by translators and clients.
  3. To develop a construct for measuring translator professionalism perceived by practitioners and clients.
  4. To empirically examine how non-literary translation practitioners in East Asia perceive their professionalism. The perspectives held by practitioners in different East Asian regions will be compared.
  5. To analyze and compare similarities and differences in translator professionalism for translators and for clients.
  6. To compare the findings obtained from the project and related empirical studies conducted by other Translation Studies scholars.
Methods Used


Summary of Findings
Selected Output
Biography of Principal Investigator

Dr Liu Fung Ming Christy is an Assistant Professor of Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies at The Education University of Hong Kong. She obtained her PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies from Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Spain. Her research interests focus on understanding translation practitioners in the workplace, translation pedagogy and translation practices. Her publications have appeared in international peer-reviewed journals such as Meta, Forum and Across Languages and Cultures.

Funding Source

General Research Fund