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What Makes a Sound Pattern Learnable? An Investigation of the Cognitive Limitations of Pattern Learning
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Principal Investigator Dr LAI Yee King Regine
Area of Research Project
Language Education, Literature and Linguistics
Project Period
From 01/2017 To 12/2019
  1. To examine whether computational characteristics constitute an integral factor that can determine the learnability of a sound sequence along with other factors that have been identified by the field (e.g. phonetic naturalness).
  2. To test whether adults can learn a plausible, but unattested phonological pattern (accidental gap).
  3. To explore whether it is necessarily true that if adults can learn a pattern in a linguistic domain, the same pattern can also be learned in a non-linguistic domain.
  4. To critically evaluate the domain-general and domain-specific hypotheses.
Methods Used
Summary of Findings
Selected Output
Biography of Principal Investigator

Dr Lai Yee King Regine is an Assistant Professor of Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies at The Education University of Hong Kong.

Funding Source

Early Career Scheme