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Selected Development Project
Project Title

Ghosts and Spirits, Etiquette and Idea of "Way of Literature"--Focus on Northern Song Literati Ouyang Xiu, Zeng Gong and Su Shi

Principal Investigator Dr FUNG Chi Wang
Area of Research Project
Language Education, Literature and Linguistics
Project Period
From 01/2017 To 12/2018
  • 從禮法和祭祀文體的角度,分析歐陽修、曾鞏、蘇軾的鬼神觀。
  • 全面整理歐陽修、曾鞏、蘇軾的鬼神論述。
  • 以歐、曾、蘇為中心,研究北宋文人的祭文以及祭祀行為,說明這些言行之於國家禮法,以及「文道觀念」的聯繫和意義。
  • 分析「鬼神」、「神聖」觀念,之於北宋文化、文學發展的意義。
  • 探討北宋文學作品、文學批評常用語中,「神」、「鬼」的具體含義,及其所反映的文學、思想、宗教意義。
Methods Used
  1. 從a. 禮法、b. 概念、c. 思想、d. 文體、e. 文學五方面,全面整理歐陽修、曾鞏、蘇軾的「鬼神」論述。
  2. 深入分析歐、曾、蘇如何身體力行參與祭祀,並寫作儀禮文章(特別是祈祭文、悼文、廟碑);藉此探討他們如何以「士」和「文人」的身份實踐「道」。
  3. 全面整理歐、曾、蘇著作中,宗教和鬼神術語的運用,拓寬當前宋代文學、禮法、思想和宗教的研究。
  4. 連接中唐韓愈、柳宗元、劉禹錫等關於「天地」、「元氣」的討論,兼及和北宋五子、宋代理學的文道和理氣觀念相比較,呈現中唐至宋代文人、思想家「文道觀念」的異同。
Summary of Findings
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Selected Output
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Biography of Principal Investigator

Dr Fung Chi Wang graduated and obtained his BA(2000), MPhil(2003), and PhD(2007) from the Hong Kong Baptist University. Now, he is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). Before joining the EdUHK, he was teaching at Chinese Civilisation Centre (2006 – 2014), and at the Department of Chinese and History (2014) of the City University of Hong Kong, as well as a tutor in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature (2000-2006) of the Hong Kong Baptist University. His research interests including: Classical Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese Literature, Classical Chinese Literature and Religion, Christianity and Chinese Culture. He published around 20 academic dissertations and more than 20 academic essays, and with his work “The Formation of the Northern Song Classical Prose Movement” (Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House, 2009). Except his teaching and research work, he held many posts of Hong Kong Education Bureau and Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority.

Funding Source

Early Career Scheme