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Selected Development Project
Project Title

Leung Ping-kwan’s Literary Works and Hong Kong Modernism

Principal Investigator Dr AU Chung To
Area of Research Project
Language Education, Literature and Linguistics
Project Period
From 01/2015 To 06/2017
  • To conceptualise the major characteristics of Hong Kong modernism by examining Leung’s literary works
  • To systematically study Leung’s literary works by concentrating on their relationship with Hong Kong modernism from three perspectives: the ordinary, postcolonialism and the Chinese literary traditions
  • To serve as a reference point for future studies on Hong Kong modernism
Methods Used

The main methodology involved in the study will be historical and textual studies, while theoretical research, comparative approach and summarisation will also be conducted to provide complementary information to the historical and textual approaches.

Summary of Findings
This project will use the main corpus of Leung’s works as examples to demonstrate how he brings these apparently disparate but actually connected topics under the umbrella of Hong Kong modernism and helps to enrich the meaning of the literary movement. More specifically, this study will focus on three distinctive features of Hong Kong modernism which are observed in Leung’s works, namely, its relation to the ordinary, postcolonialism and Chinese literary traditions. Food, ordinary people and objects as well as our daily living space in Hong Kong are some of Leung’s favourite topics. Elements of postcolonialism and Chinese literary traditions are also frequently found in his work.
Given that there exists only relatively few studies which have been conducted on the relationship between Leung and Hong Kong modernism, the issues reconsidered in this research will undoubtedly help us understand the distinctive features of his works, re-orient Leung’s position in Hong Kong literature, and hopefully reposition Hong Kong literature in the study of Western modernisms as a result.
Selected Output
  1. 區仲桃 (2017):〈也斯旅遊文學中的多元角度〉。《中外文學》,46(1), 頁45-75 。
  2. 區仲桃 (2015):〈詩經練習〉:試論梁秉鈞對香港現代主義詩歌抒情性的繼承,《淡江中文學報》32,頁 313-330。
  3. Au Chung-to. "Reading Colonial Dis-ease/Disease in Hong Kong Modernist Fiction". Palgrave Handbook of Literature and Medicine. Ed. Stephanie M. Hilger. London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. (to appear)
  4. 區仲桃。〈與食物對話:試論梁秉鈞食物詩的寫作策略〉。《念念不忘:第十屆香港文學節研討會論稿匯編》。香港公共圖書館,2015。頁237-252。
  5. 區仲桃。 〈殖民城市的記憶與遺忘:論香港現代主義詩人梁秉鈞的詩歌特色〉。王德威、陳平原和陳國球主編。《香港:都市想像與文化記憶》。北京:北京大學出版社,2015。頁194-206 。
Biography of Principal Investigator

Dr Au Chung-to is now Assistant Professor in the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies in EdUHK. Her research interest includes comparative studies and cultural studies, modernist theories and literary works, modern and contemporary literary theories, modern and contemporary Chinese literature, and travel writings.
She earned her PhD in Comparative Literature from University of Hong Kong. She obtained her MA in Comparative Literature from University of Oregon, Eugene and BA from University of Macau. Prior to joining the Institute, she was Assistant Professor at University of Macau.

Funding Source

General Research Fund