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Selected Development Project
Project Title

A comprehensive study of Yizhoushu with transmitted and discovered Texts


Principal Investigator Dr Cheung, Lin Hong
Area of Research Project
Language, Literature and Linguistics
Project Period
From 01/2014 To 12/2015
  • 研究《逸周書》的來源與傳承
  • 研究《逸周書》版本及各篇章的具體內容,包括史事、人物、思想、典章制度及語言特徵等;  
  • 定文本的斷代標記:內容、思想、典章制度、語詞、語法特徵。 
Methods Used
  • 透過考據學、文獻學及歷史語言學的方法,綜合整理、比較、系聯相關的材料,尤其強調二重證據法,利用出土與傳世文獻對比研究。
Summary of Findings
  • 《逸周書》各篇具體的撰述年代;
  • 認識《逸周書》的語料價值,及文本歷史事件的史料價值。
  • 研究結果可以作為先秦古籍年代的標尺,或為判斷先秦古籍年代的參照座標;
  • 研究結果對研究上古漢語早段及先秦史早段),提供堅實可信的語言及歷史材料。
  • 《逸周書》研究資料庫(電子版)
  • 編撰《逸周書》選本;
  • 撰寫論文說明篇章的年代標記
Biography of Principal Investigator
I am now teaching in the Department of Chinese of The Hong Kong Institute of Education. I have been here since 1996. In between, from 2004 to 2009, I had taught in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. My specialism is Chinese Linguistics. However, apart from teaching Etymology, Phonology or Classical Chinese, I also teach a wide range of courses in language teaching and pedagogy related. I am now the programme leader of a master degree, Teaching Chinese as an International Language (MATCIL) http://www.ied.edu.hk/matcil/.
Funding Source

General Research Fund