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Selected Research Project
Project Title Anthologizing Heterophonies: A Critical Study of Anthologies of Tang Poetry in the Late Ming Period
Principal Investigator Professor Chan Kwok Kou, Leonard
Area of Research Project
Language, Literature and Linguistics
Project Period
From 1/2009 To 3/2013
  • To demonstrate how a corpus of Ming anthologies of Tang poetry became texts of heterophonies in the form of pastiches;

  • To illustrate how the materiality of the production, circulation, and reception of these pastiche anthologies encapsulated the divergence and convergence of literary tastes in the late Ming period; and

  • To expose how the negotiation between elite and secular cultures in the late Ming period was made possible in the pastiche anthologies of Tang poetry, and how this process of negotiation have contributed to the development of Chinese poetics.

Methods Used
  • To gather information from the anthologies and other biographical sources regarding the compilers, the publishers, and the authors of prefaces, postscripts, and annotations;
  • To formulate statistics on the number and percentage of poems selected per poet, per genre, and per period (i.e., Early Tang, High Tang, Mid Tang, and Late Tang, the particular mode of periodization developed by the Ming critics), if feasible;
  • To scrutinize the varied ideas and concepts revealed in the pastiche anthologies and compare and contrast them with those from the original anthologies; and
  • To explain theoretically the significance of these specific literary and cultural phenomena using textual details and concrete arguments.
Summary of Findings
  • Copies of several rare books of anthologies have been acquired at the early stage of this project.
  • Distributions of poets and poems of individual anthologies were identified, and were depicted by means of tabulation.
  • Hypotheses were substantiated in the positive way by preliminary observation of these distributions.
Revision of current histories of Chinese poetics when the hypotheses of the project are verified.
Selected Publications Related to the Study
  • 《唐詩眾聲:晚明唐詩選本研究》,台灣學生書局(快將出版)
  • “Ming Anthologies of the Tang Poetry.” Presented at the Department of Chinese, University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Perak Kumpar, Malaysia, 29 March 2010.
  • “Reading Du Fu between Texts: The Intertextuality of Du Fu Criticism in Ming Anthologies.” Presented at the Faculty of Arts, Leiden University, Leiden, Netherland, 10 June 2011.
  • 〈在文本間閱讀杜甫——明代「彙編式」唐詩選本中的杜甫〉, 中國南京大學,2011年10月9日
Biography of Principal Investigator
Professor Leonard K. K. Chan is concurrently the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and the Chair Professor of Chinese Literature of HKIEd. He is also a Foundation Fellow and Executive of Hong Kong Academy of the Humanities. Prior to joining HKIEd, Professor Chan was Professor in the Division of Humanities at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and had served as Head of the Department of Chinese at Hong Kong Baptist University. He is a distinguished scholar in the areas of Chinese literary criticism and Chinese literary history. The main research areas of Prof. Chan include literary historiography, and Chinese and Hong Kong literature. Professor Chan is a member of various educational committees/bodies and an external referee of journals for other tertiary institutions. He has been invited by government departments and renowned universities to deliver lectures, and has has been active in presenting papers in regional and international conferences. Professor Chan was also a visiting scholar for a number of universities in the Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the USA.
Funding Source
General Research Fund