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About EdUHK Research and Scholarship

The EdUHK Research and Scholarship webpage is a free service specifically designed to strengthen knowledge transfer between the University and the education community in Hong Kong, and to support the professional activities of that community by providing convenient one-stop on-line access to the following information and resources:

EdUHK’s Selected Research and Development Projects
Information is available on selected research and development projects in different areas and from various funding sources undertaken by EdUHK staff.

EdUHK Research Repository
The EdUHK Research Repository provides on-line access to the bibliographic citations, abstracts and, where available, the full text of the published research output of EdUHK staff.

Hong Kong Education Bibliographic Database
The Hong Kong Education Bibliographic Database is an on-line annotated bibliography covering research works on Hong Kong education.

Scholarly and Professional Activities of EdUHK
Information on EdUHK’s events including conferences, forums, seminars, symposia, workshops, etc. can be accessed on-line.

Users are welcome to subscribe to this webpage which we hope will serve as a useful reference for education practitioners in their particular areas of interest.