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Selected Research Project
Project Title Rethinking Higher Education and Citizenship in a Global Age: Studentsˇ¦ Experience in Hong Kong
Principal Investigator Dr. Pan Suyan
Area of Research Project
Educational Leadership, Policy and Administration


Project Period
From 1/2012 To 6/2014
The purpose of this study is to explore and explain the emerging practice of engaging college students in citizenship education in higher education institutions in Hong Kong. It investigates college studentsˇ¦ perceptions of citizenship and their engagement in citizenship education.
Methods Used
Multiple research methods will be employed, including historical and documentation study, questionnaire surveys, in-depth interviews with scholars and policymakers, and semi-structured interviews with students and faculty. These approaches are designed to address the research questions.
Expected Findings
This study will provide empirical evidence to support, modify, or reject existing theoretical frameworks for multileveled citizenship education in the global age.
Expected Impacts
The outcomes of the study will contribute to theoretical innovation in the inter-linked areas of citizenship education and higher education. Research findings may be of particular interest in the comparison with the current developments in the area in the American and European contexts.
Selected Publications Related to the Study
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Biography of Principal Investigator
Su-Yan Pan is an Associate Professor at the Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences in the the Hong Kong Institute of Education. She is interested in the scholarly exploration of the inter-linked areas of political science, sociology, and education in the broad domain of social sciences. Her first degree was in politics and law. Her masterˇ¦s and Ph.D. degrees were in policy studies, social sciences, administration, and education. She has approximately 15 years of teaching experience in tertiary institutes. She taught at 3 universities in China: University of Hong Kong, Shanghai Jiaotong University in Shanghai, and Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan.

Her research interests include sociology and sociology of education, particularly social change and higher education, governance, legislation, and educational policymaking, globalization, citizenship, and citizenship education, development, and educational reform in multicultural contexts. Her studies on these fields emphasize the cross-fertilization of Western and Chinese perspectives in understanding and explaining important issues, such as the role of the state in governance and social change, equity and equality, university autonomy, educational legislation, private education, world-class university, cross-border flow of international human capital, multiple identities, and citizenship education in the global context. In recent years, she has been involved in the trilateral collaborative research on teaching and research institutes in Hong Kong and Mainland China, the National People's Congress of China, and the Department of International Development of the United Kingdom.
Funding Source
General Research Fund