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Rethinking Higher Education and Citizenship in a Global Age: Students’ Experience in Hong Kong

Reshaping Education Practice for Improvement in Hong Kong and England: How Schools Mediate Goverment Reforms


Understanding School Management Teams: Beyond Sharing Role Responsibilities 解讀學校管理團隊: 分擔角色責任之外

Mean-variance portfolio selection and asset-liability management with the Wishart process 均值方差投資組合與資產負債管理---威夏爾特過程之情況


Leadership of special educational needs coordinators for Inclusive Education in HK mainstream primary and secondary schools


A Study of Teams as Agencies of Distributing Curriculum Leadership Practices in Hong Kong Primary Schools 香港小學課程小組作為分散課程領導機制的研究

A Decade on from the Inception of LPATE in 2001: Can We Determine Whether Teacher English Language Standards have Improved?

Leading School-based Research to Improve Student Learning: Lessons from Shanghai 引領校本研究促進學生學習:上海的經驗與啟示


Empowering Chinese Teachers in Sexual Diversity Training to Combat Sexual Prejudices against Tongzhi Students in Secondary Schools性/別多元化教師培訓計劃

Examining the Pivotal Factors of Attitudes towards Inclusive Education among Parents of Children with and without Special Educational Needs in a Chinese Community: Hong Kong 在香港華人社會內,探討影響特教生家長及普通學生家長對融合教育態度的重要因素

State-funded Outsourcing of English Language Education: Does New Education Privatisation Ensure “Quality Education for All” in Hong Kong Secondary Schools?政府資助的英語教育外判:新的教育私有化是否可以確保香港中學教育中的「全民品質教育」?  

Conceptualizing and Contextualizing the 3-Tier Support Model for Inclusive Education in Hong Kong 概念化與本土化如何彰顯在香港融合教育三層支援模式的實踐