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Selected Research Project
Project Title Integrating Assessment for Learning (AfL) Strategies in Wiki-based Learning Activities: Pedagogy and the Effect on Teaching and Learning
Principal Investigator Dr. Lai Yiu Chi
Area of Research Project
Educational Measurement and Assessment
Project Period
From 1/2012 To 6/2014
    1. To explore the pedagogy and assessment strategies in wiki-based learning activities in schools;;
    2. To develop the guiding principles for using assessment for learning (AfL) in wiki- based activities;
    3. To provide exemplars of good practice of e-learning implementation in school environments; and
    4. To develop learning models that can be applied to other online collaborating and social networking tools.
    Methods Used
    The study will be a design-based research study (DBR) with four cycles, which will be complemented by using the quasi-experimental designs.
    Summary of Findings
    • Two public seminars have been organized by the Education Infrastructure Division (EDB) to disseminate our findings in the first research cycle.

    • Three papers have been presented at the Asian Conference on Society, Education & Technology 2013 in Osaka.
    By the end of the study, we will be able to develop guiding principles and learning models for using AfL in wiki-based activities.
    • Lai, Y.C., Berry, R., Ng, M.W.E., & Lo, S.K. (2013, October). Integrating assessment for learning (AfL) strategies in wiki-based learning activities: Conceptual framework and implementation. Paper presented at the Inaugural Asian Conference on Society, Education and Technology, Osaka, Japan.
    • Lai, Y.C. & Wong, T.W. (2013). Investigating the synergistic effects of integrating a learning management system and free wikis in teacher education courses. The International Journal of Technologies in Learning, 19(2), 37-50.
    • Lai, Y.C. & Lum, E.K.L. (2012). Enhancing teaching and learning of Home Economics in secondary schools with wikis: An action research study. Themes in Science and Technology Education, 5(1/2), 43-58.
    • Ng, E. M. W., & Lai, Y. C. (2012). An Exploratory Study on Using Wiki to Foster Student TeachersíŽ Learner-centered Learning and Self and Peer Assessment. Journal of Information Technology Education: Innovations in Practices, 11, 71-84.
    • Lai, Y. C. & Ng, E. M. W. (2011). Using wikis to develop student teachersíŽ learning, teaching and assessment capabilities. The Internet and Higher Education, 14(1), 15íV26.
    • Lai, Y.C., & Ng, W.S. (2011). Nurturing information literacy of early childhood teachers through Web-based collaborative learning activities. Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood, 10(1), 78íV84.
    Biography of Principal Investigator

    Dr. Lai Yiu Chi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Information Technology. Dr. Lai has extensive teaching experience in Computer Studies and Mathematics. Before joining HKIEd, he was a Senior Graduate Master in a secondary school and served as the Subject Coordinator of Computer Studies and Mathematics. His current teaching and research areas include curriculum and teaching methods of IT subjects, IT in education, assessment for learning, and lesson studies. He is active in educational research and curricular resources development. In 2011, his research proposal, entitled "Integrating Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies in wiki-based learning activities: Pedagogy and the effect on teaching and learning," was successfully awarded a grant by the General Research Fund. His publications include school textbooks, workbooks, monographs, journal articles, conference papers, training booklets, newspaper articles, CD-Roms, computer software, and learning websites.

    Funding Source
    General Research Fund