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Selected Development Project
Project Title

Creativity Acceleration through Science Education (CASE) at Secondary School Level

Principal Investigator

Dr Cheng Mo Yin, Vivian

Area of Research Project Curriculum Programme and Education
Project Period
From 9/2004 To 1/2008
To develop methods to infuse creative thinking elements into regular lessons, projects, and examinations of science subjects in secondary schools of Hong Kong
Methods Used
Science teachers from more than 30 secondary schools were trained through workshops. School-based try-outs were conducted for 2 years.
Summary of Findings

Teachers developed a curriculum model, teaching methods, learning activities, and assessment methods through the aid of exemplars. In the evaluation, students’ creative thinking abilities and creative attitudes were enhanced, as well as their interest in and perception of science and science learning. During the process, the project teachers reported conflicts and dilemmas.

Dissemination seminars/conferences were conducted 3 times. Total attendance reached more than 200 teachers. Feedback was positive. Our Chinese package (i.e., a book, a CD, and the web page) was disseminated to all secondary schools and became an important reference to curriculum reform of science subjects in Hong Kong. The publications of this project are now important reference for our two courses: “Creativity in Science” and “Nurturing Creativity through Science Activities” in our Creativity Minor
Selected Publications Related to the Study
  • Cheng, V. M. Y., (2011). Infusing creativity into classroom of Eastern context: Evaluations from student perspectives. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 6(1), 67-87. (a study of secondary science teaching)
  • Cheng, V. M. Y. (2010). Teaching creative thinking in regular science lessons: Potentials and obstacles of three different approaches in an Asian context. Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, 11(1), Article 17.
  • 鄭慕賢 (編著) (2008):《創造力培育:科學教育改革》,香港,激勵創造力的科學教育計劃。(book and CD) Publication in web-site http://www.ied.edu.hk/crease
Biography of Principal Investigator

Vivian Cheng is an experienced science teacher in secondary school. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Science and Environmental Studies in the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Her research interests include creativity education, science education, and interdisciplinary education.

Funding Source

Quality Education Fund