Qualification Recognition and Credit Transfer

A. Credit Transfer


Guidelines and Application Procedure

Programme and Department Requirement

Precedent cases

Application form


B. CLE Course Exemption

NO Credit Transfer application is required for any students who have been granted the course exemption on any Language Enhancement Course by CLE.  For details, please click here.


C. Block Credit Transfer for PGDE and Master Programmes


Last Updated On

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Primary) & (Secondary) ProgrammesNote

20 May 2013


Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Primary) & (Secondary) Programmes under City University Collaboration SchemeNote

16 Aug 2019


Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Professional & Vocational Education) Programme

16 May 2006


Executive Master of Arts in International Educational Leadership and Change (IELC)​

3 Aug 2016


Master of Education

20 Jan 2020

Note: PGDE(P)/(S) students who have previously completed the designated courses in the designated programme at the tertiary institution may claim block credit transfer in the programme if they so wish. Qualified PGDE(P)/(S) students who wish to claim Block Credit Transfer (BCT) are required to complete the form 'Application for Credit Transfer' clearly and submit it with the payment slip to the Registry within the first two weeks of the first semester of Year 1. The form can be downloaded here. Late application will be considered on the condition that there is enough time to complete the application process (normally 4 weeks) before the end of the course concerned and such application will be possibly considered as applying for the course-based credit transfer*. For enquiries, please contact the Information Centre at 2948 6177.
* The application result for the course-based credit transfer will be subject to the approval of the course offering department(s).


D. Block Credit Transfer for Oversea Exchange Programme (SEP)