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Knowledge Transfer at EdUHK
Income Protection and Poverty Reduction in the Aged Population
“Big Data” for School Improvement: Identifying and Analyzing Multiple Data Sources to Support Schools as Learning Communities
Building the Capacity of Higher Education Institutions in Asia-Pacific for Blended Learning to Enhance Student Engagement and Outcomes
Learning, Teaching and Researching Cantonese with a Data-driven Approach: A Corpus of Cantonese Movie Dialogues
Innovative Grid Score for Electronic Orchestra (e-Orch)
A Study of Confucian Analects and the Modern Society
Provision of Services for the Support Programme on Fostering Communities of Practice to Enhance Small Class Teaching
Sustainable Tourism Development for the Wolong National Nature Reserve, Sichuan, China
Development of Executive Functioning Training Manual Using Play-based Learning & Assessment Tool to Students with ADHD – AR Mobile Apps Version
Application and Promotion of an Innovative Mobile Logger for Effective Teaching and Learning of Science and Environmental Studies
Reshaping the Policy Landscape of Early Childhood Education
Plastic Resources Education: 3Rs & 3Cs
The Jockey Club Chief Executive Community Project: SMILE Project
Safe and Quality Fish Production: Development of High-grade Pellets Using Food Wastes for Three Popular Marine Fish
Models of Trilingual Education in Ethnic Minority Regions of China Project
Modernising Assessment in Teaching and Learning
Applying Knowledge Management Practices in School Education for Sustainable Development
Effects of a Language-rich Phonological Awareness Intervention on English Language and Literacy among Hong Kong Chinese Kindergarteners
Educational Experiences, Self Identity and Spirituality: A Study on the Well-being among Students from Diverse Cultures in Hong Kong
Innovation in Science and Environmental Studies (ISES)
E-Assessment of, for and as Learning in the 21st Century
“Provision of Services for a Teacher Professional Development Programme on Application of Theory of Variation in Lesson Study for Special Schools” Project
Links: Leading Learning and Schools
香港小學中國語文教育伙伴協作計劃 Hong Kong Primary Chinese Language Education Partnership Program
Collaborative Project on Teaching Cantonese Opera in Primary and Secondary Schools (2009-12)
Visual Art Education and Community Development Project (VAECD) 視藝教育及社會發展計劃 (藝展計劃) —showcasing 5 Subordinate Projects (2010-2011)
Small Class Teaching and the Inclusive Philosophy behind it as a Catalyst
Handbook for Independent Enquiry Study of Liberal Studies
Empowering Early Childhood Institutions in Implementing Effective School-based Curriculum
Learning Circle: The knowledge transfer in enhancing the pedagogical practices in Hong Kong special schools
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