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Knowledge Transfer at EdUHK
KT Sharing Sessions (6/4/2016)

Cooperative Program for the Enhancement of Effective Mathematics Lessons


Presented by

Dr Leung Kui Chiu Issic (Associate Professor,MIT)


It is intuitively believed that students’ good performance in the mathematics literacy in international assessment exercises, such as PISA and TIMSS in the past decades, might be the consequence of effective teaching by well-equipped, competent teachers. Besides, research into the learner’s phenomenon of Confucius Heritage Culture (CHC) reveals that excellent academic performance of CHC mathematics learners, from most Asian Pacific nations including Hong Kong, is likely the result of the synthesis of memorizing and understanding in learning which is not commonly found in their Western counterparts. It is a general practice among CHC teachers to scaffold knowledge for students’ learning through continuous practicing. However, the effectiveness will depend on the professionalism of teachers. Yet, there had been a clear paradigm shift from “content” to “process” (ability) pedagogy in curriculum reforms worldwide after the turn of millennium. The extent to which teachers are ready to deliver such kind of effective lessons thus becomes crucial. This Knowledge Transfer exercise is simply an attempt to enhance in-service teachers’ competency in the light of the new paradigm. We aim at teaching those who can be trained to teach the others.

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